Dear Baby Sister, 9 Things I Wish You’d Learn From Me! | POPxo
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Dear Baby Sister, 9 Things I Wish You’d Learn From Me!

Dear Baby Sister, 9 Things I Wish You’d Learn From Me!

Dear Baby Sister, You’re the best gift mom and dad could have ever given me! I remember the day we got you home from the hospital - you were so tiny, I couldn’t stop awwing at you and playing with you. To be honest, things haven’t really changed between us much since then. But what has changed is that you’re growing up - a little too fast for me to believe sometimes. All I wish for you is to the live the life you dream of and learn these lessons that I learnt the hard way.
Love, Me

1. It’s okay to fight for yourself, even with our parents!

Like Will Smith said, “You got a dream, you gotta protect it.” Our parents really want to help us achieve whatever it is that we want, even though it may not seem like it at times. All you have to do is help them see your point of view - and keep fighting for it till they start believing in it too. things to teach your little sister

2. But do not ever disrespect them.

‘Coz whatever the situation might be, take my word, baby sister, there is nothing in life you would regret more than disrespecting the people who are only trying to shield you from harm. It’s okay if you don’t agree with them, and it’s also okay if they aren’t particularly fond of something you’re doing - but it is never okay to disrespect them. You just don’t want that guilt in life.

3. Do not lose what makes you stand out in a crowd only to fit in!

As you grow up, you will want your friends in college and then your colleagues at work to like you. And that could sometimes make you want to give up your individuality and your opinion for the more popular one. But do not let go of things that make you unique. Take pride in your individuality, and trust me, the right people will appreciate you for it.
things to teach your little sister

4. Leave toxic relationships behind - you will find something better!

Have the courage to leave a relationship that pulls you back and makes you doubt yourself. You get what you think you deserve in life. So when you love, love with everything you have - but believe that you deserve the best and embrace it when you get it. And when you don’t, have the strength to walk away.

5. Complaining never took anyone anywhere

You’ve seen me crib a whole lot of times, so here’s my word on it - it’s absolutely worthless. It’s a waste of time and energy. If you do want to vent, call me up, and I’ll listen real patiently. But do not crib and complain about things that are wrong in your life. Instead try to look for solutions, and they will come to you. things to teach your little sister

6. Let life take its own course...

We all make plans, and then life happens. It happens to each one of us, and will happen to you too. So here’s what you need to remember then - sometimes, it’s better to not fight against the current. Sometimes you’ve got to let life take its course. Like they say, “A person often finds his destiny on the road he took to avoid it.”

7. Don’t hold grudges against people!

Because you’re only going to end up hurting yourself more than anyone else. When you try too hard to remember the wrongs done to you and store up all that negativity within you, you weaken yourself from the inside. You don’t need to live life with all that extra burden, right? Shrug your grudge off! things to teach your little sister

8. Be a leader, not a boss

When you rise in position, remember to be a leader and do not get stuck in the race to be a boss. Trust me when I say that the leader who inspires people to improve themselves is better than the boss who cares just enough to get the job done. So when you get the chance to bring a change in people’s lives - take it!

9. Never stop believing in yourself!

There will be many people who’ll tell you that “You can’t”. Do yourself a favour and don’t prove them right by believing them more than you believe yourself. Be your biggest cheerleader and truest critic - and that’ll act like the only guard you need against the changing opinions of the world.
things to teach your little sister GIFs: Giphy HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 13 Messages ONLY Sisters Send Each Other! MUST-READ: Dear Sister, 10 Things We MUST Do Together… Before We Grow Old!
Published on Feb 26, 2016
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