#MyStory: What An Unplanned Visit Revealed… About My Boyfriend

#MyStory: What An Unplanned Visit Revealed… About My Boyfriend
It was the last day of my summer internship and our boss took us out for dinner. I had told my boyfriend that I would be out late. After dinner, I took the last metro back to my hostel. I was also feeling an almost uncontrollable urge to go to the loo.

Luckily, my boyfriend lived near one of the metro stations on that route. So, just as the doors to that metro station opened, I rushed out so that I could go to his place and do my business. The moment I got off the phone, I realised my phone’s battery had died so I couldn't call him to let him know that I was coming.

As it was late and I was coming unannounced, I thought I would surprise him. The front door of the flat was unlocked, the lobby was dark and only his room’s lights were on. I saw a pair of ballerinas lying outside his room. I assumed his roommate and his roommate’s girlfriend were also sitting in his room.  Just as I was about to step in, I saw a girl standing inside the room. It was my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend! I still get angry when I remember that scene.

I rushed inside to see what was going on. He was sitting on one of the mattresses on the floor and I figured that the two of them were alone in the room. In fact, there was no one else in the whole flat. I moved towards him and almost hit him with my handbag.  

I started shouting and they both tried to calm me down. I pushed her away from me and told her to stay out of it. That’s when I saw a bag full of her clothes lying next to her purse... And guess what? Her lingerie was right at the top. I was SO furious.

I wanted to leave the place right then. I almost tried getting out of the house, but my boyfriend did not let me leave. Amidst all this shock and drama, my not so controllable bowel situation had taken a backseat.

caught him red handed

His ex left us alone and went to the other room. He cried, said sorry and begged me to stay. I wasn’t convinced, but he told me that she and her friends had just come to crash for the night. Her friends and his roommate had gone out to buy dinner.

We both argued and cried for some time; and then somehow I calmed down. He convinced me that it was me that he actually cared about because it was me whom he was giving explanations to and begging to stay, not her. I finally went to the loo and finished the business for which I had gone to his place.

The whole incident was too much of coincidence, though - the fact that his ex and her friends had decided to party with him on the very night that I had confirmed to him I would be busy otherwise. Though I decided to believe his words that night, I just couldn’t trust him like before. We broke up within three months of that incident. A few days later, I heard from our common friends that he was dating his ex again.

One of our arguments when we last spoke to each other was about that night. He still thought that I went to his flat that night after one of his roommates told me that his ex-girlfriend was there. But I thank nature's call for its right timing for showing me his true character.


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