THIS Is What Happens When You Crush On Your Brother’s Friend!

THIS Is What Happens When You Crush On Your Brother’s Friend!
Having an older brother comes with many amazing perks. But the best one of them all? His really hot friend whom you can't get enough of! Here are some things you will totally get if you’ve ever had a crush on your brother's friend!

1. Your brother has a football game? DUH, you're going.

Any chance of seeing his friend excites you!

2. Whenever his friends come over…

You secretly try and listen in on their conversation

crush on brothers friend

3. When your brother isn't in the room and his phone rings...

You jump to answer it just in case it's your crush calling!

4. You always try to catch a ride with your brother.

But only if his friend is tagging along too!

crush on brothers friend

5. You hate all of this random "Bro Code" shit.

What could possibly be wrong with a guy dating his friend's sister?

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6. Your brother gets really awkward around you sometimes…

He can't deal with knowing that you can actually have these feelings, least of all for his friend!

crush on brothers friend

7. You secretly believe that your crush has feelings for you too…

But is only holding back because he might end up murdered if your brother found out!

8. You really enjoy it when your brother has his friends over for a sleepover!

Hello - his friend spending the whole night (and probably all of next day) in your house! Woohoooo!

crush on brothers friend

9. You kind of hate all your brother’s female friends!

What if your crush falls in love with one of them???

10. You tune into what your brother is saying as soon as he mentions that friend!

Wait, he's going for a vacation? With whom? Where? For how many days?!

crush on brothers friend

11. You once thought about dressing more like his fav actress in the movie you heard him and your brother discussing endlessly…

But it was Catwoman in The Dark Knight Returns. So you gave up. :P

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