#MyStory: I Found My Baby Sister Sexting MY Boyfriend!!

#MyStory: I Found My Baby Sister Sexting MY Boyfriend!!
Ravi’s relationship with me was no secret to the world. Our families, friends, colleagues and everyone else, knew that we were madly in love. We were very close. Another person who was very dear to my heart was none other than my baby sister, Aakruti.

The two of them were my life. When I was around them, I felt complete. I felt even happier when I saw the both of them hanging out together. Seeing them bond and get along with each other made me feel blessed. Little did I know that there was something more to their friendship.

More than my sister, Aakruti was like my best friend. I used to tell her about each and everything that happened in my life - including stuff about Ravi. The cute things he did for me, the silly arguments we had, the jokes we cracked, and most importantly, how much I loved him. Like all sisters quarrel with each other, we did too every now and then. But one day she and I got into a rather heated argument. Believe me, we didn’t talk for days. All I had asked of her that day was to come home early and to not drink too much while partying. She on the other hand thought I was trying to curtail her freedom. She snapped at me, and instead of retaliating, I chose not to say anything further. I simply cared for her and didn’t want for anything bad to happen to her. I eventually told mom and dad about it. They grounded her for a couple of months. She was furious and stopped talking to me. I decided to give her some space.

The only person I now spoke to was Ravi. I told him how much all of this was affecting me and my peace of mind. He held my hand, pulled me close and gave me a tight hug. He reassured me and told me that she would come around - everything would be just like it used to be. But after a few days, Ravi started acting strange too.

We rarely met, and he slowly started to avoid my calls and even replying to my texts! I felt helpless. Who was I supposed to talk to? I couldn’t understand why he was doing this to me. I wanted to talk to Aakruti about this - but every time I spoke to her, she would ignore me and walk off. I casually asked her one day if she had heard from Ravi. She replied immediately saying, “no”. I don’t know why, but I got a strange and strong feeling that there was something fishy.

sister flirting with my boyfriend

The next afternoon, I came home early from work with the intention of making peace with Aakruti. I made my way straight to her room to apologise. She was taking a shower so I decided to wait in the hall. While I was waiting, her phone kept ringing - not just once, but over and over again! I ignored it the first few times, but decided to pick it up after the sixth call - just incase it was something urgent. No name, but that number looked too familiar. I answered the phone and the voice I heard sent shivers down my spine! It was Ravi! I immediately cut the call and after I did, a list of naughty messages popped up in the notification bar - but none of them were read yet. I was tempted to open them - and I did. I couldn’t believe my eyes. They were sexting each other! My little sister and Ravi! Not just texting, but also exchanging naughty pictures and the like. I felt numb and my mind went completely blank. Suddenly, I heard a voice from the back, “Hi, di, you’re home early today?” It was Aakruti and she froze when she saw her phone in my hand. I gave her confused look - she ran to her room and locked the door. I banged on her door and asked her for an explanation. She told me that she had been angry and had wanted to take revenge of some sort - so she went after the other person who was important to me - Ravi.  

I spent that night crying like a little baby. I felt betrayed and could not come to terms with what I had seen. I resorted to drinking at a bar that night. Blurred vision, I could barely walk straight. I called a friend of mine to come pick me up and take me home. It was a horrible night.

A few days later, I decided it was time to pick myself up and leave this behind. Ravi eventually got to know from Aakruti that I had found out about them. Like a coward, he changed his number and moved away from the city. His parents distanced themselves from mine - it felt like this whole chapter in my life was over. And, it was...

Aakruti till date tries to do little things to regain my trust. I can’t hate my own sister, but I can’t forget what she did either. I’m desperately trying to put the past behind us, but somehow, it still comes back to haunt me. I’m not sure if I should forgive her completely and get back to being the way we were. I’m not sure if I can. I just don’t know!


* Names changed to protect privacy.

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