#MyStory: That Day Was Really Special, But That Night…

#MyStory: That Day Was Really Special, But That Night…
November 7 was a good day. I had dinner with my bestie and then we planned to party with the guy she had a crush on. She told me that his friend from Mumbai would also be joining us. The moment she told me about this plan, I said okay because all I wanted was to let my hair down and have a good time with my friends to get over the two weeks of hectic time at office.

We picked her crush from Green Park and then we went to pick his friend up from Hauz Khas Village. I have known her crush for some time now, so we are quite pally with each other. I was sitting in the front seat while my friend was driving. When his friend got in the car he said, “Hi”, and without looking at him I greeted him.

After picking him, we went to a 24x7 to grab some munchies. I was busy buying chocolates, when I saw a guy standing next to me. We looked at each other and I liked what I saw. This guy was very good looking. And to my surprise he was the friend from Mumbai - I’d not turned around in the car, so I hadn’t noticed. I didn’t know how to react!

i wonder if i will meet him again

We went to my friend’s place to party. After some time, my friend and her crush got busy talking, I had no other choice but talk to this guy who was charming as hell. I felt he was interested in me. We went to the balcony and started talking; the night sky looked beautiful with a full moon and bright stars. As we were talking, suddenly he leaned in and we kissed. It was such a romantic moment.

I have been single for the past two years and been too caught up with work and other things in life. That moment brought back the beautiful feeling romance brings to one’s life. He was perfect and I felt like I could stay in his arms for eternity.

The next morning, I woke up with a huge smile on my face, I was so happy with him being around. But unfortunately, he was leaving for Dehra Dun that afternoon. I never asked him any questions because I didn’t want to ruin this feeling of lightness and excitement by expecting anything more out of what we’d shared the night before. I thought: “If it’s meant to happen, things will fall in place.”

And after a nice breakfast at Social, while we were bidding him goodbye, he asked for my number. We have been speaking over the phone and I really like him. After a long time I have felt this for any guy. But I am little apprehensive about asking him what he feels about me. What if he says he just wants to be friends?

I wonder if we'll ever meet again and recreate that romantic night. But I guess some love stories should be given time to unfold their mystery... But the wait is not easy, trust me!


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