What Actually Happened The First Time I Saw My Boyfriend Naked

What Actually Happened The First Time I Saw My Boyfriend Naked
I was in the second year of my BA when I met Abhishek. We started dating within a month of us meeting, and it was great. I was super-happy about the relationship - it was my first ever serious one. Serious enough that we were thinking about sleeping together. I was a virgin still, and he wasn't - so the whole thing was obviously more exciting (and nerve-wracking) for me than him.

He was a patient guy, though, and let me take my own time and set the pace. Which, honestly, turned me on and made me feel more eager than anything else could have. Which is why one Saturday, when I discovered that his house was going to be empty, I told him that it was time.

We were watching a morning show at Inox then. But my declaration obviously led to us walking out halfway through the film and hitching a cab to his place. I couldn't bear to wait even a moment longer, and so promptly ran into the bedroom with him the moment we reached his house.

Eager though I was, I was still nervous. I'd never seen a guy naked before, save in issues of The National Geographic. And all my sexually active friends had warned me about the inevitable “OMG, how on earth will that fit?!” reaction. But that's not quite the way it went.

We’d seen each other topless before, of course. Our makeout sessions had been getting hotter and heavier with every passing day. But today was the big reveal. Full frontal nudity.

We started undressing together. I pulled off my top while he shrugged out of his shirt. And then we both reached for the button on our jeans. “Ready?” he asked. “Ready!” I replied. Within seconds, we were down to our undies. But I suddenly felt a moment of shyness, which meant his briefs came off before mine. And that's when I stopped short altogether.

seeing a guy naked


He was already aroused. That was not the problem. Neither did I feel scared by his size. What took me aback was the…colour contrast.

He was a fair guy. Fair enough to pass off as European. It's not that I'd spent a long time fantasizing about his junk, but what I hadn't ever considered was that he wouldn't be that fair all over. What flashed through my head right at that point was: “Vanilla ice cream. With chocolate sauce.”

“Hey, you okay?” Abhishek asked.

“Uhuh,” I muttered, still thinking about ice cream.

In hindsight, I know that it was probably my brain’s way of processing the fact that I was looking at a naked man for the first time ever. A real, live naked man. And I was about to get naked in front of him too. But right then, in that moment, all I could do was obsess over dessert. And the fact that I didn't even like dessert much, so why on earth was I even thinking about this?

“We don't have to do this if you're feeling nervous, you know,” he said gently.

My frozen face while I thought of frozen goodies had clearly put him off. He wasn't so turned on any longer. Which was good, really, because all I was feeling by this point was an overwhelming sugar craving.

“Okay…” I said.

He smiled at me, walked over, and while I was still staring at his crotch and thinking about ice cream, he kissed me softly on my forehead and ruffled my hair.

And all of a sudden, that was all the sweetness I needed in my life.

“You know what?” I said.


“Let's just get into bed…”

It was everything that one’s first time always is. Slightly awkward, slightly painful, insanely happy-making.

After we were done, he took me out to lunch. We ate burgers. And then I ordered a vanilla and chocolate sundae. ;-)

* Names changed to protect privacy.


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