Big Sister vs Little Sister: Who Has It Better?!

Big Sister vs Little Sister: Who Has It Better?!
We love our sisters, whether they're older or younger than us! They have their charm and their quirks, and no matter how much we may fight, we would still do just about anything for you! But even with all the love, there's also a competitive streak. So when we fight it out, who comes out on top - the big sister or the little one?! Let's find out!

1. The everyday fights

Big Sister: Yes, we let you win these because you are the little one, but you very well know that we’ve got the upper hand here! Fights about clothes, about going out, about random other things are, like, part of our staple diet! But we let them go and spare you the drama.

Little Sister: We are the younger ones and thus no one can say anything to us. But we have a lot of fight in us. And even though you are older, we cannot hold back fighting about the tiniest things with you. And yes, we win most of the times, but we do love you for letting us win!

2. Us against the parents?!

Big Sister: ALWAYS considered to be the more sensible one amongst the two. We are always given more responsibility and we do fairly well too! Because of which deadlines were always pushed, since we were in the good books, you know!

big sister and little sister

Little Sister: We're the babies, the ones who were spoilt rotten - and we know it. All the rules were broken for us and our parents were definitely more relaxed with us. While you had to be home by 11 pm, we easily extended our curfew till 2 am!!

big sister and little sister

3. Schooldays...

Big Sister: If we were in the same school, we basically set the standard for you! If we got 90% and became sports captain, then some great things were automatically expected out of you! Sorry (but not really!) about that pressure!

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Little Sister: As our you were part of the senior crowd, we automatically became more well known around the school because of it! All our friends thought we were super cool since the older guys would wave at us in the corridors! ;)

4. Borrowing (and stealing!) stuff

Big Sister: We have one cupboard from where we both pick things we want to wear, but the day we want to wear the same thing - it can take us hours to fight it out and decide who gets to wear it. Nobody gives up this fight! That’s when we play the we-look-better-in-this card! (And if that fails, the "I'm older" one!)

big sister and little sister

Little Sister: Ya, being the younger one, we get to choose and pick what we want most of the times, since no one can bully us because we are so cute and little. But, when we want to keep something, you are forced to give it to us, because we're the ones who always got all your hand-me-downs while growing up!

big sister and little sister

5. Boyfriends!

Big Sister: It was so difficult for us to have boyfriends! Our parents were obviously more difficult about us hanging out with guys and stuff. And you were no help because at that point you obviously didn't get what we were going through!

Little Sister: Because everything happened with the you first, it was so much easier to deal with boys when we reached that point! We had the best advice and had picked up on so many tricks from you - so thanks for that!!

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