7 Things You Should Be Saying To Him (Besides “I Love You”!)

7 Things You Should Be Saying To Him (Besides “I Love You”!)
We all tell our partners that we love them. And that’s important. But there are some things apart from “I love you” that they need to hear every once in a while too. Here are a few things you should be saying to your partner...

1. “I believe in you.”

It’s important to let your partner know that you believe in them even when things aren’t going right. In fact, especially when things aren’t going right. Knowing you’re by side his side will make him feel like he has already won half the battle!

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2. “I feel happy when I’m with you!”

Let him know how much his presence can lift your mood! If just being around him makes you feel happy and calm, he should know too.

3. “You have my complete support.”

If there is a decision your partner needs to make to make his life better in any way, but he’s in a bit of a dilemma, help him out! Let him know you will be there every step of the way to help him reach his goals.

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4. “You turn me on!”

If you’ve been together for a while, it’s very easy to fall into a monotonous routine. But it’s important to remind your partner that even though you may be super comfortable with each other, he still excites you!

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5. “You’re my best friend.”

You love hanging out with him and share everything with him. He makes you laugh and you have a great time when you’re together. He’s your best friend. And even though he might know this, it’s important to remind him just once in a while of how much you value him as a friend.

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6. “I respect your values and beliefs.”

You may have a completely different set of beliefs, but it's important to show your support and respect for their values, as they should towards yours. That’s what a good, healthy relationship is about, right?!

7. “Let’s agree to disagree...”

You’re not always going to agree with your partner on everything and it's more than okay to let them know. In fact, it’ll help your relationship grow and help both of you understand each other better.

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