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7 Things EVERY Girl Will Relate To During Her Period!

7 Things EVERY Girl Will Relate To During Her Period!
If there’s one thing that makes sisters out of all women, it’s our period. Our wonderfully complex reproductive system puts us through a lot every month. From cramps to fatigue, from moodiness to strange hunger pangs - the ups and downs on the so-called ‘cycle’ is a mystery known only to women. We decided to make a little list of all the things that mark the month-to-month journey of every girl, and all those panicky, embarrassing thoughts we all have.

1. Why Can’t I Touch The Pickle?

A representative of the Sabarimala temple recently announced that he would allow women into the premises only if a machine could tell whether they were chumming or not. All girls across India had the same ‘WTF’ reaction. Regressive men, listen up - our periods do not make us impure. It’s the same natural bodily function that helped your mother give you life. So yes, we CAN enter temples and we CAN touch the pickle. Deal with it. things that happen during periods

2. My Bed Is My Bestie

When it’s your first day, all you want is for school/college/work to be cancelled. You want to curl up in bed with a hot water bottle and a packet of cookies close at hand. And if anyone tries to pry you out of bed - you’re gonna make them regret it. Thank you hormones, for making us so desperate for rest and relaxation - even on a Monday when it’s just not possible! things that happen during periods

3. Am I Well Padded?

It’s 3pm, you’re feeling… moist. You rummage through your bag only to discover that you’ve already used up your last pad. And so begins the search for anything to prevent a major staining accident. In frantic whispers, every woman around you gets asked the same question - ‘Hey, do you have a Whisper?’ things that happen during periods

4. Have I Stained?

You wear your darkest trousers and change your pad every few hours. But every time you get up from your seat, you wonder if there’s a nice big stain on your clothes or on your chair. You ask your girlfriends to subtly check you out - heaving a sigh of relief when they say that your clothes are pristine!
things that happen during periods

5. Sleeping Is Overrated

Face it girls, having your period is super tiring. And when you hit the bed at night, it’s a challenge to find a comfortable sleeping position. The cramps increase when you lie on your side and when you’re on your back you’re terrified of staining your bed. To find your ideal position is a struggle, and it is no surprise that when you wake up the next morning, you’re more fatigued than ever before. things that happen during periods

6. Chocolate Or Death

When your cramps are at their worst, only chocolate can take the edge off the pain. It’s hard to explain… but as any menstruating woman will know, chocolate is truly the best medicine. Maybe it’s the sugar rush that helps us power through the pain? All we know is that we’re so thankful to God for creating the wonder drug that is chocolate. things that happen during periods

7. #Happytobleed

Sore boobs, blood and bloating aside, having your period is kickass. The cramps increase our threshold for pain and the moodiness can make fearless warriors of us. Anyone who can power through a week of discomfort every month is truly a champion. And we’re thankful to have our period because we know that when the time comes, our awesome bodies can easily carry us through the miracle of childbirth. things that happen during periods *This is a sponsored post by Whisper.