Not A Romantic Girl But Trying To Be One? THIS Is What Happens!

Not A Romantic Girl But Trying To Be One? THIS Is What Happens!
This is a real problem, folks. Not all girls were born naturally mushy and romantic. And when we actually try to to do or say something cute? It results in some of the most awkward and hilarious situations! Like these...

1. Sending a lovey dovey text makes us so nervous that we end up making a typo for sure!

So instead of ‘not as cute as you’ he receives one that says ‘not as flute as you’.

2. Couple banter is generally adorable, right? Not with us! We end up taking things a bit too literally at time.

The question "what are you wearing?" almost always gets a very honest reply! Um, track pants?

unromantic girl

3. Randomly planning the dream vacation should be a fun conversation...

But it turns into you sitting at the Internet and being scandalised by airfare to Bora Bora and going off into a rant about it.

4. When you have a crush on someone, they never even realize that you're trying to flirt because you're so scared of coming on too strong.

What?! In your books, starting a conversation with "hey (big grin emoticon)" totally counts as flirting!

unromantic girl

5. Your friends are your enemies! Every time you do something that's uncharacteristic of you, they openly call you out on it and make it super awkward!

"What? You're sharing your food with him? But you never do that. You almost murdered me last time I stole a fry from you." Thanks, guys, seriously.

6. You've come to develop your own weird way of expressing affection.

Instead of saying "I love you" to him, you end up saying things like "You're an idiot" because he is one, but he's your idiot and you love him for all of him idiotic-ness.

unromantic girl

7. You try saying normal things in a softer voice to make them sound cuter and less ordinary.

And it totally backfires when you either end up squeaking or talking so low that he doesn't even hear you. "Do you have a sore throat?" No, just a sore brain, thanks.

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