Was I... Cheating On Him? Where Is The Line, Really?!

Was I... Cheating On Him? Where Is The Line, Really?!
Cheating is not just a physical act - it can manifest itself in many forms. But often, we don’t really know where that line really is. Are you cheating and being disloyal, or is it just fun and games? Or are you not doing anything, really, but still think you’re doing something wrong? Let’s find out...

1. “Is it cheating if I emotionally depend on someone other than my partner?”

Yes, there is such a thing as emotional cheating. But just being close and sharing things with someone from the opposite sex is not necessarily emotional cheating. That person could very well be your friend. However, if you’re doing this with someone you’re attracted to it does change things. You may not be involving yourself with them physically, but If you’re discussing everything with this person, including your relationship and the problems you have with your partner, you’re definitely on a slippery slope. Excluding your partner and depending on someone other than them for your emotional needs would be considered cheating by many.

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2. “Is it cheating if I’ve become good friends from someone from the opposite sex and talk to them all the time, but don’t want to tell my partner?”

Why don’t you want to tell your partner? If you’ve met someone new, got their number and now talk to them or text them often and are friends - there is nothing wrong with that. We often meet people we hit it off with and get along with very well. There is no reason you can’t be friends with them just because you’re in a relationship. Then why would you not want to tell your partner - unless you know or think you’re doing something wrong? Would your partner consider this cheating? Would it upset you if your partner did the same thing to you? You may consider this other person a friend, but actively hiding such a thing from your partner would definitely indicate that something is not quite right.

3. “Is it cheating if I talk to my ex as a friend?”

There is nothing wrong with being friends with an ex! You may not have been good together as partners, but you’ve both moved on and realized that you could be great friends now. If that is the case, then there is absolutely nothing wrong! As long as you’re not lying to your partner's face when he asks if you’re still in touch with your ex, you’re not even close to cheating. :-)

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4. “I kissed someone else, but it only happened once and I would never do it again. Is it cheating?”

Whether it was once or multiple times, it doesn’t make a difference. Getting physically involved with someone else is counted as cheating by most people. So, yes, that would be cheating. If you truly believe it was a mistake and that you would never do it again, you should probably talk to your partner about it.

5. “Is it cheating if I hooked up with someone else while my boyfriend and I were on a break?”

This largely depends on what kind of “break” you were on and what you and your partner had decided before going on a break. If you had mutually decided to be single for a while, and as long as you’re honest about it if you get back together, it should be okay. But if it was a break that just meant that you were talking less frequently or spending less time together - but the basic understanding was that you’re still very much together - then it does count as being unfaithful or dishonest.  

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6. “Is it cheating if I have a profile on a dating website?”

Looking to go on dates with other people while still being in a relationship with someone else would be counted as disloyalty and dishonesty for most. If you have a profile which you don’t use, then it’s pretty negligible. But if you’re actually actively using it and meeting other people, then it would - in the usual sense - be considered cheating. Especially if your partner knows nothing about this.

7. “I have a crush on someone I work with. Am I cheating?”

Having crushes is completely normal at any stage in life! As long as you’re not making advances and trying to act on the attraction you feel for him, you’re not cheating!

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8. “I told a guy I met at a party that I was single, but then never spoke to him again. Is that cheating?”

Telling someone you’re single when you’re not is definitely wrong, but it is not necessarily cheating. It does highly depend on your intention, though. If you told someone you’re single just for the heck of it and didn’t actually do it with the intent to take things forward with them, then it is not cheating. But think about why you would feel the need to say you’re single in the first place. Because although you may not have cheated, telling someone you’re single is definitely not being loyal to your partner.

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