You & Him: 9 Things To Remember In A Long Term Relationship!

You & Him: 9 Things To Remember In A Long Term Relationship!
So much in life is about the little things. The little things we do for each other, say to each other or show each other through our actions. As time passes, though, we often forget to show our partners how much they mean to us. We forget to acknowledge - or often just forget - how lucky we are to have them in our lives. Being together for a period of time should in no way mean that we stop showing the love, support and patience that we showed our partners in the beginning. Here are a few things all couples should remember even after they’ve been together for long.

1. Express your appreciation for your partner

Your “honeymoon” phase may have technically passed, but you shouldn't let your appreciation for your partner go with that! Remember how much you appreciated the smallest of things you did for each other? Why does that need to change? See the good that your partner does, the effort they put in and know that you’re lucky to have each other!

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2. Keep some time just for the two of you

Couples who have been together long enough often forget the importance of just their time together. Alone time. Whether it’s because of getting busy with work or because almost all of your plans even together are now made with friends. Whatever the reason may be, you need to remember to keep a little time just to spend with each other. After all, you couldn’t stop stealing time away to be in a quiet corner when you started seeing each other! Don’t get so caught up with life that you forget how amazing just being with your partner made you feel!

3. Remember to make special gestures every once in a while

Even after you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you want to feel special. You want to feel like your partner would still go that extra mile to bring a smile to your face. And they want the same thing. Something as small as bringing back their favourite dessert or just leaving everything to be there for them when they’re having a bad day can sometimes be all that one needs. Who doesn’t want to feel like there’s someone out there who thinks the world of them?!

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4. Don’t take each other for granted

This is a common mistake couples make after they’ve been together for a while. They begin to take each other for granted. Yes, you can rely on them to be there for you, but making no effort whatsoever or very little effort is unfair. If you were a certain way when you got into a relationship with them, that’s what they’re used to and that's what they’ll expect. It’s important to grow in your relationship and change when it's required. It's only inevitable to become more comfortable with each other. But one must always remember the difference between comfortable and complacent.

5. Talk to each other about stuff!

Don’t stop keeping each other in the loop! Talk to your partner regularly, tell them what's happening in your life, how you’re feeling about a particular situation. Talking to them will make you feel better and bring you two closer. Never assume you already know everything about the other person, no matter how much time passes.

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6. Don’t stop showing your appreciation physically, whether you’re sexually active or it’s a question of just hugging each other tight  

Keeping the physical intimacy alive and a little display of affection do help in keeping you close. Don’t take this aspect of your life for granted!

7. Give each other a little extra attention when you’re out!

Don’t let that “can’t keep hands off each other” phase die out. You still love each other. So show it! Give them a little more attention than you give everyone else when you’re out together. Find them in a crowd. It will make your partner feel great and bring a smile to your face too!

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8. Don’t blow things out of proportion

People make mistakes and say things we don’t particularly like. There’s no reason to call it quits each time that happens, or even threaten to end things. Will what you’re fighting over matter in a year’s or even a week’s time? If not, then let it go immediately! Each time you decide to leave or give up, a little piece of your relationship is harmed. Keep your cool and think things through when you’re calm.

9. Be patient with each other and forgive each other

Both of you will have good days and bad. You will say things that will enrage each other at times. No matter how hard you try not to, you will occasionally step on your partner’s toes. This is what makes patience and forgiveness even more important in relationships.

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