revenge on cheating boyfriend

#ROFL: This Is How One Woman Got Back At Her Cheating Boyfriend

Anasuya Ray Chaudhuri

Guest Contributor

Not that we’re brave or insane enough to try this ourselves, but here’s a little vicarious satisfaction for every girl who has ever been cheated on. (Unfortunately, WAY too many of us have been there!)

After discovering that her boyfriend had been fooling around with someone else, this is what @foolishnessfly2 did. She gathered up all his Apple products, and dumped them into the bathtub. The water-filled bathtub.

revenge on cheating boyfriend

Yes, it seems somewhat extreme and a little bit over the edge, but we can’t help going: HAHAHAHA. The tweet, posted on Twitter on April 18, has - at the moment of writing this - been retweeted 19,123 times and favourited 12,361 times. Clearly, a lot of people can relate to her outrage. :P

We don’t know if the Apple warranty covers damage caused by infidelity, but in case it doesn’t, all we have to say is that he richly deserves to have to pay for all his gadgets all over again.

Be warned, gentlemen. Be warned.

Image: Twitter

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Published on Apr 24, 2015
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