What DO Men Think? 11 Questions Women Wish They Could Ask!

What DO Men Think? 11 Questions Women Wish They Could Ask!
Let’s admit it, ladies: we’ve all speculated (sometimes endlessly) about what men really think - and come up with theories and explanations about various things. But there are some questions that seem completely unanswerable because we don’t actually live with (or in!) their bodies and their brains. Today we bring you our top 10 picks of questions women wish they could ask men - would some kindly soul answer us, please?!

1. How does it feel to have your junk just...hanging?

We mean, seriously - isn't it weird? It's all just suspended! Don't you need support? Like, a crotch-bra?

what do men think 1

2. Peeing standing up - what's that really like?

Does it take practice to, you know, not make a mess? And you guys never have to worry about getting a UTI from contact with a toilet seat - do you realize how lucky you are?

what do men think 2

3. How does it feel to be so hairy?

It must be pretty damn awesome to not have to ever worry about waxing or threading!

what do men think 3

4. Do you really think about sex all the time?

And what exactly do you think about? Doing it with your partner? Fantasizing about celebs? Helping yourself out?

what do men think 4

5. What is this fascination with lesbians?

Seriously. Why are guys obsessed with girl-on-girl action? If you were actually with two women at the same time, wouldn't it get super-confusing - what to do with whom?

what do men think 5

6. Isn't it embarrassing that everyone around can tell if you're turned on?

Thank GOD we don't have that problem!

what do men think 6

7. Do guys really measure their equipment?

How? Do you use a ruler? And then you discuss it with your friends? Isn't that kinda...TMI?

what do men think 7

8. Why are guys so close-mouthed when it comes to talking about “feelings”?

We just don’t understand this! We know you have feelings - why on earth is it so difficult to open up and talk to us about them? Every honest conversation we try to have about what you really feel, especially about your relationship with your significant other - it’s like drawing water from stone.

what do men think 8

9. One word: boobs.

Why is this a universal male obsession? They’re good to look at, we accept - but why on earth do the shape and size of them have the power to turn perfectly intelligent men into blubbering idiots? They don’t actually do anything, you know - unless you’re a few months old, in which case your survival depends on them.

what do men think 9

10. Swallowing…

Why do you care so much?!

what do men think 10

11. WHAT is it that you want from women?

Please tell us. Would make life so much simpler for everyone!

what do men think 11

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