18 Signs That You Are PMSing!

18 Signs That You Are PMSing!

It’s that time of the month when your body is going through some serious changes - and it’s driving you a bit bonkers. This is the moment when all your near and dear ones just want step away from you and throw you a cookie (or something else that’s likely to make you happy). You’re experiencing mood swings, unwanted cravings and major emotional-roller-coaster issues. And you just can’t figure out what’s wrong! Ladies, in case you didn’t know this, these are some pretty clear signs that you are PMSing. Not convinced? Scroll down to see for yourself!

1. You pick a fight with everyone, including yourself.


2. You suddenly become really sensitive and emotional about things around you.

3. All you want to do is dive into big tub of popcorn and sit in front of the television set all day.

 4. You feel fat. Even if you’re really skinny.


5. You don’t feel like squeezing into jeans or pants. Leggings or track pants are the only things that will do.

6. You wake up to embarrassing zits and don’t think your diminishing self-esteem can handle it.


7. There’s a deep urge to cuddle something. This could be a teddy, a soft fluffy pillow or just your man.

8. You start biting your boyfriend’s head off because he’s become friends with a girl from his office on Facebook.


9. Cravings. You could KILL for some KFC, greasy fries, a tub of Belgian choco-chip ice cream…

10. You’re still hungry after all that binge-eating. Time to raid the fridge again!


11. You feel a very strong urge to watch and re-watch rom coms and chick flicks. (Pro-tip: The Notebook will make you feel sniffly; Mean Girls is more likely to pep you up.)

12. That LBD you bought last week and thought you looked super-hot in is now making your tummy bulge more prominent than ever.

13. You decide to go for a drink with your friends to cheer up. You end the evening weeping into your wine.


14. You start freaking out thinking that you might just be pregnant.

15. Whether you’re single or not, you are convinced that you’re going to spend the rest of your life depressed and alone.


16. You seriously start wondering what if you had been born a man...

17. You get cramps, mega mood swings and fever. (Sad truth: You’re going to stay in this pathetic state for at least another week.)

18. You feel like the world is out to get you. When all you want is some love. :(


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