Virat & Anushka's Wedding Changed My Life & Here's Why

Virat & Anushka's Wedding Changed My Life & Here's Why

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma tied the knot and like the rest of India, I rejoiced, gushed over and frantically stalked the internet for their wedding pictures. It’s been a day and the hype isn’t dying down anytime soon, a million hearts simultaneously shattered across the world when the news broke (though, to be honest, most of us never stood a chance!). The fact that the secret wedding was absolutely stunning and the couple looked like they stepped out of a Yash Raj movie, shifted my world more than I’d like to admit. From the fact that they dated through the highs and lows of their respective careers, to making it through rumors, internet trolls, and long distance shoots/matches. 

1. I Want An Intimate Gathering

01 wedding

This couple had a sweet and small wedding, far far away accompanied only by the closest family and friends. Which is brilliant! You don’t need to put on a show for people when you just ones your loved ones to be around. Your wedding is a sacred ceremony for the people who love you the most. 

2. True Love Conquers All

02 wedding

They saw some bad days and some great moments, but Anushka and Virat made it through it all and showed us how the best love stories don’t take no for an answer and always fight for what they deserve.

3. Minimalism Works Wonders

03 wedding

The wedding was simple and minimalistic, from the clothes to the colors - everything fell into place and the pictures had us swooning through the night. They picked a beautiful location and even if I never get the chance to get married in Tuscany, I would definitely find a similar location which feels warm, fuzzy and romantic! 

4. Some Secrets Are Good

04 wedding

Secret weddings were never my thing but damn, this couple made the concept sound so charming. Not to mention the fact that they literally broke the internet with their pictures, details and those drop-dead gorgeous outfits! 

5. Success And Happiness Go Together

05 wedding

Both of them are young, successful and that didn’t stop them from settling down with the person they love. While most actresses shy away from getting married because of the ‘shelf-life’ concept, Anushka set an inspirational example! At the peak of both their careers, this couple gave us goals that I might never be able to achieve, but will always strive towards. 

Keep giving us goals, Virushka & have a happy married life!

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