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Band, Baaja, Baraat! 6 Wedding Dance Videos You Need To Bookmark For Your Sangeet

Band, Baaja, Baraat! 6 Wedding Dance Videos You Need To Bookmark For Your Sangeet

Curating a wedding dance playlist for your Sangeet is no cakewalk. You need to find unique songs that aren’t done to death. Not to mention, choreograph steps that are fun and easy to remember. So, if you’re scouring the internet for some wedding music and dance inspo, you’ve come to the right place. Our curated list has viral albeit hatke song and dance selections that will definitely have you and your guests grooving!

Grand Entrance

Earlier this year, this gorgeous bride’s entry went viral on social media. She danced to a mashup of two songs—Sau Aasmaan and Jerusalema. The best part? As she made her way down the aisle, she was greeted by her close friends and family who danced with her along the way. And when she finally reached the end, where her dulha-to-be stood waiting for her, the bride popped the question in the most adorable way. Here, take a look:

Fun Father & Daughter Dance

We’ve all seen father and daughter dance performances that have made us shed tears. However, this papa and beti duo put a fun spin on things. They danced to a medley of tunes, including Jeda Nasha and Nadiyon Paar. And no doubt, the younger one was a treat watch with her fab dance steps and body split. However, the highlight for us was the papa. He stole the spotlight with his confidence, million dollar smile, and killer moves.

Bridesmaids Ho Toh Aisee

No Sangeet performance is complete without your bridesmaids. And this group totally nailed it. What we loved the most about their routine was that all the members were completely synchronised as they danced effortlessly to Chaudhary and Chalka Re. Also, it was a total surprise to the bride, so she looked like she enjoyed every moment of it. Take a look:


Nothing Like A Group Dance

Group dances are always a hit at weddings. And this viral dance video of friends and family members dancing together was no different. They jived to the song Chunnari Chunnari with their dupattas. Well, we have to say, they looked like they had a blast!

All Eyes On Her

We’ve seen so many bridal solo performances, but this one was different. The bride danced to Sajna Tere Liye Sajna and Makhna. And without going too OTT, the bride kept the steps simple yet graceful. But what truly worked for us were her expressions that were totally on point.


Amidst all the glamm performances of a sangeet night, the most-awaited one, is the couple’s dance together. Speaking of which, this now married couple definitely won our hearts with this cute performance. They danced to old 90s tunes and impressed us with their performance. Safe to say, we’ll definitely save this one to our wedding archives.

So, are you ready to bust a move on you wedding day?


Featured Image: Instagram

25 Dec 2022

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