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Designer Monica Shah Of JADE On The A-Z Of Bridal Sarees & The Celebrity Wedding She Loved

Designer Monica Shah Of JADE On The A-Z Of Bridal Sarees & The Celebrity Wedding She Loved




Amongst all the preparations in the big fat Indian wedding, one cannot deny the kind of attention to detail that goes behind putting together the bridal outfit, something a bride can attest to. And with it come the pieces of unsolicited advice and doubts that can make the process feel like a task. Needless to say, they are best left behind, just as to ensure a seamless experience, there is no help like that of an expert!

A Brief Guide To Selecting The Bridal Saree, By Monica Shah of JADE

Monica of label JADE on bridal sarees



With that thought in mind, we decided to clarify all our doubts (and yours) in terms of choosing THE bridal saree, by approaching a designer label for answers—JADE by Monica and Karishma. Run by designer duo Monica Shah and Karishma Swali, who have been in the business for over a decade, the label offers unique pieces for a free-spirited woman. There is just no escaping JADE’s mesmerising statement jackets, elaborate lehengas and most of all, their ruffled sarees. Mira Rajput is often spotted in the latter while Priyanka Chopra has vouched for Indian wear from the label time and again, along with an array of celebrity clientele. 

We got to discussing the saree in the Indian wedding scene with Monica Shah of JADE. From things would-be-brides could keep in mind while shopping for the drape to tricks for a distinct look, she tells is the A-Z of bridal sarees. 

Monica of label JADE on bridal sarees


What, according to you, is the most distinct quality that stands out in the saree as a garment?


The saree is timeless, elegant and embodies femininity beautifully. Above all, it’s versatile. So no matter what your style is, you can be certain that there is a saree for you!

As a shopper, what should a bride-to-be keep in mind when picking up a saree for her big day?


The balance of comfort and opulence is important. You need fabrics that are lush yet breathable. A bride’s personal story is important as well. Brides often choose an heirloom blouse for their big day and one needs to select a saree that feels just as special and important.

Monica of label JADE on bridal sarees


What are the styles or kinds of textiles you see gaining more prominence with new-age brides?


Silks are a timeless favourite. But organza and tulle are fast gaining popularity because of their weightlessness and just how easily you can play with them to create dramatic silhouettes. Among modern brides, ruffled sarees are extremely popular.

How important or unimportant do you find trends when it comes to selecting a drape?


Brides are essentially looking for something that not only matches their personality, their individuality and the theme of their wedding but is also comfortable to wear. Personally, trends are the last thing that ought to come into consideration when selecting anything. The new-age brides are all about authenticity and going for what truly resonates with them.

Monica of label JADE on bridal sarees


Other than the traditional red and gold, what colours do you think always work with respect to bridal sarees in the current scenario?


Onyx black, Lunar silver, Aegean blue. These are palettes that are refreshing and work wonders for brides!

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For someone looking to go off-route, what would be your suggestion in picking a style?


Choose a ruffled saree in an Aegean Blue palette. You can pair it with a Victorian button-down blouse or a bralette. Add an embroidered belt to the waist to define the silhouette. You can even layer on an embroidered jacket!

Is there a draping method that you find to be timeless?

The double draping method is one that never goes out of style and works like a charm for Indian brides.

Monica of label JADE on bridal sarees


A common mistake that you find brides often making in the process of selection or styling?

Brides often feel the pressure to go for what is trending and what is opulent rather than what is more comfortable and suited for their own personality. I would love to see more and more brides experimenting with versatile pieces.

What are the styling suggestions you would give to an Indian bride?

Choose a hero piece that’s both glamorous and versatile. And create multiple looks around this one piece. You’ll be surprised how something as simple as switching the blouse can completely transform an ensemble! This way, you ensure you get the most out of fewer pieces.

Monica of label JADE on bridal sarees


A celebrity wedding or pre-wedding look that you found to be near perfect?

I really enjoyed the looks from Kajal Aggarwal’s wedding!

Featured Image Courtesy: JADE/Instagram

01 Feb 2021

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