Out Of Valentine's Day Ideas? Try Naming A Hissing Cockroach In The Honour Of Your Ex

Out Of Valentine's Day Ideas? Try Naming A Hissing Cockroach In The Honour Of Your Ex

All of us go through bad phases in a relationship and often it ends up in a breakup. Your then-boyfriend turns into an ex and all the bad memories take over. And, in order to address him/her, we hardly call them by their name. But hold on guys, this Valentine's Day, we've found you the most unique (and petty) way to reminisce your ex. 

Just like every year, the Bronx Zoo's Name A Roach program has come up with another thrilling idea. You can give someone the chills by naming a cockroach after them. All you need to do is pay $15 and you can symbolically name one of more than 50,000 giant cockroaches at the zoo. 

The zoo has come up with some pretty crazy deals for Valentine's Day! They plan to conduct a Valentine's Day special event at the zoo and call it the "Roach Romance" where couples can meet the roaches. This only applies if you name your current partner after the roach.  

But what about your ex? How would they get to know? Well, it's all official and documented, you actually get a naming certificate. You can send it over to your ex, with a box full of love (roaches)? 

And guess what? These aren't the regular cockroaches that you find in your house. These are the run-of-the-mill New York City vermin. Confused? Well, these are exotic hissing roaches from Madagascar. Mind it- exotic! 

What do they look like?

*Brace yourself for some chills*



They are the world's largest roach species and are sized at an average of four inches. And the hiss? Yep, like snakes, these roaches hiss too. It's a defence mechanism. Pretty cool, right? 

If an Indian zoo came up with a scheme like this, can you even imagine how many of us would send roach certificates to our lovely exes? 

Featured Image: Instagram