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11 Taylor Swift GIFs That Prove The Singer Slayed 2017 Like A Boss

11 Taylor Swift GIFs That Prove The Singer Slayed 2017 Like A Boss

Happy Birthday, Taylor Swift! One of the Time Person Of The Year, singer Taylor Swift turned her life around in 2017. From being the girl next door to a fireball, her transformation left us shook! But her journey has been commendable, the way she handled the sexual assault case and won, only made the world fall in love with the unfathomable strength she posses. 

So this 28th birthday, here is how Taylor Swift slayed! Her year in 11 unforgettable gifs. May she never stop being the perfect role-model, from Love Story to What You Made Me Do, nothing has ever come close to dimming her stardust! 

1. She Came Back With A Bang

01 tay

2. Not Caring About Her Reputation

02 tay

3. With A New Version Of 'Shake It Off'

03 tay

4. And Some Pumped Up Love For Her Fans

04 tay

5. Giving Us Bad-Ass Goals!

05 tay

6. And Traces Of The Old Taylor

06 tay

7. She Wasn't Afraid To Be Brutal

07 tay

8. Especially Towards Her Haters

08 tay

9. And Sometimes Herself

09 tay

10. She Fought A War Against Her Harasser

10 tay

11. And Came Out A Winner!

11 tay

So here we are, at the end of the year with a stronger, bolder and frankly, brutal Taylor we LOVE! 

Never change, Tay Tay. FB taylor swift birthday