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A Thing Of Pride: LGBT Rights Activist Keshav Suri Got Married To His Partner In Paris

A Thing Of Pride: LGBT Rights Activist Keshav Suri Got Married To His Partner In Paris

Love sees no boundaries, and every person in the world has the right to choose who they fall in love with and get married to. Unfortunately, some people in our society do not believe in this practice. They have set some norms for something even as pure as love, and think of same-sex relationships as abnormal. But not giving two hoots about that, the Lalit Hotels scion and LGBTQ rights activist Keshav Suri got married to his longtime partner Cyril Feuillebois in a gorgeous wedding ceremony in Paris.

The couple has been together for a decade now, and live together at Suri's Vasant Vihar home in Delhi. After being with each other for so long, the two decided to take the next step in their relationship and tie the knot. While Suri is the Executive Director of the Lalit group, Cyril runs Kronokare, his own organic cosmetic company that teams French expertise with authentic Indian ingredients. 

Keshav announced the happy news of his wedding on his Instagram page with some stunning pictures and even more heart-touching captions:

The caption read:

"10 years of being miserable together, I loved every second of it. Lead the way for the next 10 years babe, am sure it will be torture but I am a sucker for punishment."

"Happy pride everyone. @nikhil1975 you are genius. #pride #pridemonth #pride2018 #idahotb2018 #loveislove"


"I Am now WE ARE. We are Overwhelmed and Overcome with emotion, The wishes and love has been empowering. We are NOT inspirational, we are LUCKY! We are not aspirational we are PRIVILEGED! We celebrate with you all yet we know that only one of us are LEGAL! We celebrate with you all but we know its not FAIR for millions. We are grateful for your LOVE! You have made US! WE ARE yet WE ARE NOT."

How amazing is this?! The posts are proof of the happiness the couple is experiencing right now! They were both dressed in outfits by celebrity designer Nikhil from the Shantanu-Nikhil duo.

Suri had filed a plea in the Supreme Court in April, saying that he was threatened of false prosecution and was unable to live a life of dignity or exercise his choice to have relations with his partner, whom he had been dating for a decade. The petition has now been filed before a Constitution bench.

Well, we hope things get better for the amazing couple and we also wish them a very happy married life, full of love and laughter always!