Love & Lockdown: How To Make Your Long-Distance Partner Feel Loved While Social Distancing

Love & Lockdown: How To Make Your Long-Distance Partner Feel Loved While Social Distancing

"How are we going to make it through this coronavirus pandemic?" One thing that perhaps each one of you may be thinking right now. And in these unprecedented times, if you're married or a live-in couple, consider yourself lucky. Why? Because you have your significant other to support you during quarantine life. We're all adjusting to new routines as we practice social-distancing. But how are couples who aren't living together are handling the lockdown? 

After all, coronavirus scares and the consequent anxiety just adds to the existing pressure that your relationship may be currently undergoing. You may be new to this distance game but social distancing doesn't have to kill your relationship. So if you're missing your boo during the lockdown, here are some tips to keep it romantic even when you're social distancing:

Begin & End Your Days Together

This, in fact, is a great way to rekindle the romance by practicing some old-school love. Yes, we are talking about hours of phone calls while you hide from the family and loads and loads of mushy messages. However, there are also other ways of staying connected with your partner as your practice social isolation.

A great way to stay emotionally attached during social distancing is to start and conclude your days together. You can either connect over a phone call, a video chat, or just a few heartwarming messages every day right after you wake up. Marking the starting of your day with your loved one conveys that they are an integral part of your life. Similarly, try concluding your days with a video call, say "I love you," and go to sleep on a happy note. 

Shares Memes, Videos, Anything That Makes The Two Of You Smile

That these are hard times is a fact and thus the need right now is to be present for your special person when they need you the most. However, being present doesn't necessarily mean that you have to be always connected on a call. You can elevate their mood by simply sharing fun, light-hearted content that both of you associate with. It can be anything from adorable illustrations to romantic videos. There is more than one way to say 'I Love You' and this just happens to be one of them. 


Share Recipes

Another beautiful and a rather organic way of connecting even when you are apart from each other is to share food recipes with your partner and then cooking the same dishes for a meal. And while you are at it a little comparison and some healthy competition wouldn't hurt either. Also, not only will this chisel your cooking skills but would also strengthen your friendship. 

Arrange A Video Date

So while the two of you are already sharing recipes and cooking the same dishes, how about you take it a step further and make it a romantic video date? All you need to do is set the mood with some warm lighting, by all means, go ahead and light up a candle if you feel like it, lay mats, bring out your nice crockery, and voila! The mood is set and love ready to flow!


Stream Netflix Together

If the idea of video date has a certain appeal for you, this one is sure to get you hooked as well. Remember when both of you kept talking about starting the second season of Fleabag but couldn’t find the time to watch it? So, now is the time to do it, together! Watch web-shows and movies together and exchange notes while you are at it. Keep chatting while you are at it, make fun of the characters, cry with them, or feel all mushy moments, basically do everything that you do when together, just the social distancing way. 

Be Extra Kind And Receptive

These are trying times and amidst all the uncertainties, it is integral that you are kinder than usual to your partner and more receptive to their emotional needs. The economy is going South, a deadly virus is taking over the world, and your separation from your partner doesn’t make it any easier. Thus, cater to your partner’s emotional needs and be available whenever they require you, which by the way, is super easy to do given that you are home 24*7. They need to know that you really love them, now more than ever.

Make Future Plans For Better Times To Come

Emile Dickinson said that “hope is a thing with feathers” and it holds weight to date. Irrespective of how bad and desolate the present might look like, your job is to constantly dream of a better, brighter future together and put that into the universe. Think of things that you’d be doing once all of this gets over, envision extravagant dates together, and plan a trip just to mark your victory over a dark phase of modern history and how the two of you carried each other during the challenging times. 


Return Of the Phone Sex

Remember when the two of you had just started talking and things would often get steamy during late-night calls? Bring that back! Get naughty over the phone, share your fantasies with your partner, and make them feel wanted. Tell them about the things that you’d like to do the next time you see them. Discuss sex. This will not only keep you both excited about meeting each other but will also bring you closer by breaking your sexual inhibitions if any. 

Lastly, remember that more than physical presence it's the emotional connection that brings two people together. We wish you love and light during quarantine. 

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