10 Sweet Milestones Of Every *Lifetime Romance*

10 Sweet Milestones Of Every *Lifetime Romance*
Being in love is great but you know what’s even better? Staying in love. Every relationship evolves in a different way and has its own set of highs and lows… But that’s the beauty of it. The highs keep you going and the lows make you stronger. Here are 10 romantic milestones to cross with your guy!

1. Travelling together

Travelling with someone truly reveals the various facets of his/ her personality. When you travel with someone, you are actually willing to see what they like, dislike and what drives them crazy. This totally marks the beginning of something that will definitely go really far. Through thick and thin, remember? 1 romantic milestones

2. Discussing the future with him

It freaks people out when they have to discuss the ‘future’ with someone. But actually wanting to talk to your partner about it is a milestone in itself. If you both mutually decide to talk about where you want to take your relationship then know that it is meant to be!

3. Sharing your deepest secrets without feeling insecure

Sharing secrets with each other that no one knows brings you closer and makes you stronger as a couple. This will help you both build the trust and understanding required to sail through troubled waters. After all, it takes a lot to be able to tell someone something deep and dark about yourself.

4. You before me

It’s often easy to keep yourself first and it is totally okay to do that. But when you start thinking about your partner before yourself, at least at times when required, it is a sign that you two are going strong and genuinely care about each other. 4 romantic milestones

5. Saving money, together

It gets tough to actually keep a track of your expenditure and hence saving up together will make a lot of difference. Saving money does not mean sharing a bank account… It means you both make an effort to save some money for your future. It’s hard but let’s just say that couples who save together, stay together!

6. Making day plans

‘It’s not who you want to spend your Saturday night with but someone you want to spend your Sunday afternoon with’. After all, it’s easy to party and chill with someone but it takes love and affection to actually spend a day doing absolutely nothing with someone.

7. When it’s okay to skip a date because of other priorities

You know your relationship has matured when you actually understand that there are a lot of things that are important in life, other than just going out with each other. If you agree to skip a date and are happy about letting your S.O. do the same, for important things like being with his family or at work then - you’ve crossed an important milestone. 7 romantic milestones

8. When you are as accepting of each other’s flaws as of the strengths

It’s easy to tell people about what makes you strong but it takes courage and trust to talk about what makes you weak. You love and accept each other as is; flaws and quirks included. Because you know it takes a lot to actually open up to someone.

9. When you also start caring about his family

Even though you may still be shy of talking to them directly but you do care about his family. When you can remember the little details about each other’s families, like birthdays, anniversaries and other little but important things it means you have indeed, crossed an important milestone!

10. When the spark is alive even after years of being together

A lot of people feel that romance fades with time. But a couple who can still snuggle up with each other even after years of being together are the ones who are sure to experience a lifetime romance.
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