From Tinder To KitKat, The *Best* April Fools' Day Pranks Played By Brands

From Tinder To KitKat, The *Best*  April Fools' Day Pranks Played By Brands

Remember last year when Yelp tuned their app to appear like your screen was broken? It gave its users quite a scare! Over the years, this tradition of playing pranks on April Fools' Day has been picked up by brands as a form of a marketing tactic - they fool followers on social media for a good laugh.

We seemed to have come a long way since. Now the prank isn't just confined to a single day, various brands have decided to run full-fledged social media campaigns on the days leading up to 1st April. From KitKat flavoured tea to a BMW car powered by the moon, here are our best picks of 2019! 

1. Tinder 

Tinder actually added a feature on their app, where you can verify your height because apparently, tall men get tr(action) on Tinder. However, when you click on the feature, it tells you that you got punked!

2. Jameson 

No more stolen sips of whiskey! Jamerson pranked their followers by introducing a bottle which will spill green glitter on those who try to drink your bottle of whiskey.

3. Jagermeister 

jager meister

Source: Instagram

Yes, you saw that right! Jagermeister tricked us into believing that they launched their own bong. Sadly, it's not true. 

4. KitKat 

kitkat tea

Source: Instagram

What's better than taking a break? Taking a chai break! KitKat's post on releasing their own brand of tea was confusing because do I actually need chocolate-flavoured tea? Apparently, KitKat doesn't think it's a great idea either!

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5. Ola

Do you, like me, have a constant need to pee at very inconvenient time? Like when you are in a car or during a movie? Introducing Ola restrooms! A dream that...actually isn't a reality. However, the prank does prompt users to donate for healthier sanitation facilities in India. All's well that ends well.

6. Honda




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Canadian people are famously polite, so why aren’t Canadian drivers? Honda has a solution.

A post shared by Honda Canada (@hondacanada) on

Imagine a horn that is Canadian (read polite) even during a traffic jam! Well, Honda Canada decided to prank its users by creating a horn that is as 'Canadian' as it gets.

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7. BMW 

lunar paint bmw

Source: Autocarepro

BMW ran a campaign designed especially for April Fools' Day that spoke about how BMW customers can opt for 'lunar paint' which will harness the power of the moon. While absolutely gorgeous, it isn't happening. 

8. One Plus 

one plus prank

Source: Twitter

Your favourite smartphone brand making their own car? Sounds delightful! This Chinese brand tapped on all the right nerves with this prank post. 

9. Emirates 

emirates prank

Source: Twitter

Imagine a quick, luxurious and aesthetic way to travel! Emirates, why couldn't you let our dreams come true? This airline brand actually had a photo shoot for this extravagant! 

Who did you prank this April Fool's Day? 

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