17 April Fools' Pranks To Play On Your Parents Without Getting Into Trouble!

April fools day prank for parents

April Fools' Day is all about playing pranks on each other! It's super fun but sometimes a prank can overstep the boundaries too. Maybe you took it a bit too far or the person concerned was not sporting enough, whatever the reason, you got to be sure of what you intend on doing. Since it's 2021 and we're all cooped up in our homes, this year a prank on your parents is a must. So if you've been surfing the net for 'April Fools pranks on parents', you've landed at the right spot!

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    April Fool Pranks on Parents


    April Fools' day is celebrated on the 1st of April every year. It’s a day where one can play pranks on friends and family and escape by saying that it’s April Fools' day. So without further ado, let’s jump into April Fools' pranks on parents.

    Remove Batteries from Remote

    This one is common but still fun even today as an April Fools' prank to pull on parents. The best part will be when they have their favourite show coming up or a cricket match going on! 

    Switching Salt with Sugar

    Pretty self-explanatory, this April Fools' prank on parents is going to be a hit!

    Sealing Shampoo

    Yes, this one is an easy April Fools' Day prank for parents. You just need to seal the opening of their shampoo or body wash with plastic wrap! Bathroom struggles are the worst! 

    Tape the Switch

    This is the easiest one and can be played by young children as a April Fool's prank for kids to play on parents. All you need to do is have a clear tape and stick it on a light or fan switch and let your parents wonder for a while what's wrong with the switch?!

    Fake Cake

    If your parents know that you are good at baking, then this one is the best April Fools' prank to play on parents. Just take a sponge and cover it with icing. Decorate it with chocolate or cherries, just how you would do up a real cake. Once you are done, place it on your dinner table and invite your parents for the fun to begin.

    Party Popper

    Just tie a party popper to the main door and as soon as your mom or dad pulls or opens the door, the thread attached to the popper gets pulled and then boom!

    Breakfast Fun

    For this prank, you need to prepare things a night before. Pour milk and cereal into a bowl and let it freeze overnight. Next morning, just pour a little milk over the bowl so that it looks real from the top view. Afterwards, serve it to your parents and let them be confused.

    Spooky Lights

    In this prank, you need to buy low watts light or flickering bulbs that will create the ambience of a horror movie. So if your parents are out, use this opportunity to plan an April Fools' prank on parents. After a long day, this horror prank will take them by surprise or at least will trick them to believe something’s wrong with the lights.

    Key Swap

    This can be really irritating and is one of the most fun April Fools' pranks on parents. You have to just replace and change keys with keyrings. Just create a mismatch combination and they will never know why the key is not working even if they think that they have picked the right one!

    Scary Hands

    Give your parents an early morning surprise on April Fools' day with this simple prank. Paint the underside of the mug handle with a red marker just before they are about to use their regular coffee mug. Bet they'll be shocked to see blood on their hands!

    TV Fun

    Just like the remote control prank, you can change the setting of your TV to play a prank on your parents. Do this just before they start watching their favourite TV show and we bet they will get irritated by the sudden change of settings.

    Clothing Swap

    This one is funny for sure if you do it properly. A last-minute April Fools' pranks on parents, you just need to swap clothes from one drawer to another and watch them go crazy!

    Frozen Beverage

    Make a hot chocolate that looks like the morning coffee your parents have. Freeze it overnight and drizzle hot water over the frozen mug in the morning. Leave it under the coffee maker and involve them in a conversation when they're making their morning drink. This will be so much fun! 

    Phone Charge

    This April Fools' day prank for parents can really annoy them, but it'll be super fun too! Either replace the cord or switch it off... just don't let their phone charge!

    Witch Prank

    Prepare a sandwich for your parents, and without removing the wrapper from the slice of cheese add the cheese to the sandwich. When they try taking a bite, they’ll get a annoying surprise.

    Shoe Prank

    Stuff some cotton or wool inside your parent's shoe and let them think that their shoes have outgrown them. LOL! The sudden change in shoe size will make them wonder what’s wrong for a while.

    Change the Time

    Whenever your parents go to sleep, change the timing of the clock by one hour. Let them wonder the next day how things are happening so off-schedule! 

    Hair Prank

    Buy a wig matching the colour of your parent’s hair. Cut some strands and spread them on their pillow while they are asleep. The next morning will be totally worth the effort!

    Hope you liked our April Fools' pranks for family ideas! 

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