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The 12 Types Of Guys We Meet On Tinder

The 12 Types Of Guys We Meet On Tinder

Tinder is by far the most common, convenient and sexy dating app out there. So when I - a recently single 22-year-old - was given the choice of writing this article, I hopped on board immediately. This piece was just an excuse though, I’d been waiting to sign up whilst never really having the drive or motivation to do so. So, when I did, it was as simple as going grocery shopping (what had I been afraid of?). There are broccolis, potatoes, tomatoes and even kale (if you like something fancy), in short, there are all sorts of types of men on the Tinder market. Here are the 12 types of guys I met I’m sure you have, or probably will, too!

1. Pun-ny Guy

He’s the guy who owns a ‘Pizza’ account or has a picture of a horse as his DP (not making this up). His profile is full of hilarious puns and he has a crazy imagination but there will be no real conversation taking place. Seems like Tinder is as much a social experiment for him as it is for me. Sidenote, might be a chick.

2. Mr Workout

The first picture on his account is a gym selfie, he also occasionally pouts and definitely knows all his right angles. Vanity is in his nature and honestly, he deserves a little appreciation for all the hours he puts into looking good. If you’re looking for a fitness buddy, he’s your guy.

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3. Chatter Box

He texts you all day long and you do have a lot in common, but there’s a chance you might never ever discuss anything personal. It’s all about either the latest news, the city you live in, the weather and a bunch of other generic topics. You can bet that you’ll never meet him.

4. Constant Flaker

You make plans and he cancels them. He makes plans and he cancels them. Basically, the boy can’t stick to a commitment that lasts longer than his smoke breaks and, girl, that’s your red flag right there. Getting out of bed isn’t his strongest suit, so maybe he’d agree to indoor plans? (if you really need some!)

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5. James Dean

Killer good looks coupled with a bunch of tattoos and a cigarette in his hand, this guy is every parent’s nightmare. He’s on Tinder because it’s cool and has learnt how to be the perfect rebound. Solo travelling is his hobby and all Taylor Swift’s songs are aimed at him.

6. Famous Fuckboy

He’s all about that wham-bam, thank you ma’am! He will make you like him and rejoice in the satisfaction of breaking your heart. Steer clear of smooth talkers, charmers and boys with dimples (I have multiple stats to prove this).

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7. Effluent Sexter

It goes straight from ‘Hi’ to ‘what are you wearing tonight?’ He loves talking nasty and is so good at it! He’ll be your booty call but coffee dates aren’t his scene, so there is no emotional stability to be found here.

8. Serial Cheater

He has the hottest display picture of all but he deletes the app every time he meets his girlfriend. This guy is only here for a side-chick, maybe even multiple. He might get caught soon, so you should be prepared to have an angry girlfriend call you a week into your conversation with him.

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9. Mr India

Constantly disappearing, this guy is so busy that he’ll respond to your text after 2 days and by then, you don’t even remember what your conversation was about! You matched with him when you broke up with your first boyfriend and will probably have his reply by your second break-up.  

10. Big Baby

Super clingy, he is constantly searching for validation. He just had a tough break-up and is hoping Tinder will get him through his Devdas phase. A man-child at his best, he should have signed up matrimonial site instead.

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11. Catfisher

This person is not who he pretends to be, or is it even a ‘he?’ Catfishing is a term that you come across rather too frequently and rightly so. Swipe right with caution and don’t give away private details if all his pictures are of Daniel Radcliffe (you would never match with Harry Potter!).

12. The Unicorn

In other words, ‘The One’. This boy is everything you imagined - he picks you up for your date, makes you laugh, listens to what you have to say, is endearing and honest! So perfect that you doubt if he’s even real! But if you do find this mythical creature, hold tight girl, he’s a catch.

Tinder can be whatever you make of it, and at the end of the day, it's all about who you swipe right on. So keep going!

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