Hindi Word 'Chuddies' Enters Oxford Dictionary & We're Not Sure What To Make Of It

Hindi Word 'Chuddies' Enters Oxford Dictionary & We're Not Sure What To Make Of It

In a bid to add more regional words and expand the regional vocabulary, The Oxford English Dictionary has added Hindi word 'Chuddies' to the dictionary. It is among 650 other words the dictionary has added in order to expand coverage. 'Chuddies' is categorised as an Indian-English word, described as, ‘Short trousers, shorts. Now usually: underwear; underpants. British colloquial. kiss my chuddies and variants: used as an expression of dismissal, rejection, or disdain; cf. kiss my a**e’.

Was this the apt Hindi word to be adding to a dictionary? Apparently, the usage of this term deems it extremely important. 

Unlike how the Indians use it, a basic term to describe their underwear or underpants, the reason behind the Oxford Dictionary adding the word is actually the popularity of a British Indian TV show. Jonathan Dent, senior assistant editor of the Oxford English Dictionary, said to a leading newspaper, "Our coverage of British Indian usage gets an update with the addition of the dismissive kiss my chuddies (underpants), popularised as a catchphrase by actor and writer Sanjeev Bhaskar playing one half of the teenage duo known as the Bhangra Muffins in the 1990s BBC comedy sketch show Goodness Gracious Me."

 goodness gracious me

The other Hindi words included in the dictionary are bungalow, avatar, mantra, chutney, cot, dacoit, dungaree, juggernaut, guru, pundit, loot, khaki, jungle, nirvana, pukka, pyjamas, veranda and maharajah.

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