How To Improve English: All You Need To Know About Speaking It Fluently!

How To Improve English: All You Need To Know About Speaking It Fluently!

Wondering how to improve your English? Out of many, if one thing the world has learned from multiple Asian cultures, is to stay true to your mother tongue and your roots as they are your best and deepest powers. But when you are traveling around the world or working at a company that provides you with the opportunity to travel to foreign countries, frequently, you need to know a second language. English, being the most widely spoken language in the world becomes everyone’s favourite choice. Now, we know that many people associate the English language with theirs and others’ status, however, status or confidence must not be connected to a particular language. Much like others, English is a beautiful language. So, learn English for fun, for knowledge, and for healthy interactions.

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There are many ways to start with the process. However, you can begin with the easiest and the most impactful one. Start listening to country music in the English language. Music is easier to catch and the more you listen to a language, the faster you learn it. Unlike pop music, the concept of country music is set on a relaxed note so it’s easier to follow it. You can start watching popular shows like Friends, Grey’s Anatomy and The Big Bang Theory with subtitles. While watching you will be using two of your senses, your eyes and ears to learn and the process would be faster and more fluent than the usual.

The next step would be to become a part of an English speaking course, so here are some options for English speaking courses that you should explore. 

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Which Are The Best English Speaking Courses?

FB how to improve english - sridevi talking on phone in english vinglish

Who can teach better than the professionals, right? English speaking courses are your best bet when it comes to learning the details of the language. Not only will the experts at an English speaking course refine your grammar, but they will also give you a good number of verbal and written exercises which would improve your command of the language on a subconscious level. The exercises can be something as simple as a grammar test, an essay or as fun as a screenplay that you write, direct and act in. The best thing about English speaking courses is that the experts there like to maintain a comfortable, welcoming and friendly environment, so it doesn’t matter at what level of English language you are, you never feel pressured or conscious.

So, if you have already made up your mind to become a part of an English speaking course, here are some of your best options.


1. The British Council Delhi

It is the best option for Delhiites that provides multiple options for young learners and working professionals. The British Council has one of the best approaches in teaching English and has experienced faculty that works hard to support the learning of their students. It provides a great environment for learners. If you are planning to learn English to become a teacher, they even have specially designed courses for you.

Address:  17, KG Marg, Atul Grove Road, Janpath,

Barakhamba, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Phone: 0120 456 9000

2. British St. Columbia Academy

Another reputed institute to learn English in Delhi is Columbia Academy. It has IELTS/ P.T.E. training programs as well. The location of the academy is perfect as it is located in the center of Subhash Nagar, Moti Nagar and Rajouri Garden. The trainers here have an innovative approach to teaching and its results are pretty evident. The trainers' dedication towards learners is what makes this academy a top-notch option of English learning. The courses are designed keeping in mind the needs of the learner. Some of their courses are - foundation course, advanced fluency course, accent training, business english, public speech, interview training and many more.

Address: WZ 42A, Meenakshi Garden, Tilak Nagar, Near Subhash Nagar metro station, New Delhi, 110018

Phone: 084700 42229  


1. The British Council Mumbai

Not just The British Council in Delhi but its branch in Mumbai also provides world-class teaching methodology. The courses are internationally recognized and are designed to train the learners for fluent conversations at work. The bonus is that you get to read a lot of interesting books from the library so if you are already a reader, this is your place to be.

Address: 901, 9th Floor, Tower 1, One Indiabulls Centre 841, Senapati Bapat Marg, Elphinstone Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400013

Phone: 0120 456 9000  

2. Speakwell Skills Academy

The academy believes that one of the best ways of learning is face to face and we agree. It works with well-trained staff to put together the most productive courses for you. The timings are flexible and can be discussed with the team.

Address: Office No. 10 & 11, 5th Floor, Ratan CHS Ltd, Opp- Pantaloons, S.V. Road, Borivali West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Pincode – 400092

Phone: +91 902 284 0033


1. Career Competence

The institute started by Dr. Nalini Joseph has been helping people learn English and improve the fluency since 2006. Career Competence prepares students for their IELTS and TOEFL as well.

Address: G1/549, Muskan Residency Chitrakoot, Sector - 1, Opposite Pratap Stadium, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302021

Phone: 098294 47453

2. Vinglish2English

This institute approach to teaching English is liberal and allows you to have fun while learning and the center is located in one of the most approachable areas of the city.

Address: 401 E&F Crystal Mall, Sawai Jai Singh Highway, Bani Park, Jaipur, Rajasthan, 302016

Phone: 0141 220 2876


1. Oxford English Speaking Course

As the name suggests, the Oxford English Speaking Course follows the British dictionary and will be teaching accordingly. So if you are preparing to move to or visit European countries, you can enroll for a course here.

Address: Faizabad Rd, Bhoothnath Market, Indira Nagar, Block D, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226016

Phone: 088403 00463

2. British School of Language

Want to improve your personality along with your English? British School of Language is just the place for you. The teachers here are trained to discuss everything with you, from the mannerism to grammar.
Address: Shadab Colony, Mahanagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226006

Phone: 080090 00014

Most of these institutes also offer short-term courses to learn fluent English, so you don't need to wait for months to frame those beautiful sentences.

Which Are The Best Apps To Download To Improve English?

how to learn english - girl learning english through apps

When you are learning a language, especially, the one that’s being spoken widely, you don’t want to leave any of your options to get to your target. In the digi-world we are living in, from eating to learning, nothing happens without apps. There are a ton of apps that instantly come at your service when it comes to teaching languages, all based on your level and needs. Learning a language, even if it’s English, can be tricky. Sometimes it’s not possible for every student to follow a teacher’s guidance as fast as the other students. Sometimes you miss a class and there’s no recap for it and catching up with the rest of the class feels stressful. However, with apps those issues get sorted, your teacher, your schedule is in your hand and you learn and yet control the whole process of learning. Also, let’s not forget the best part of learning through apps, it feels like you are playing a game rather than classroom learning. So here are some of the best apps you can download to improve English.

  • Duolingo: Highly recommended for beginners, this is one of the most widely used apps for learning English. Duolingo allows you to learn English by playing games, you just have to give it twenty minutes of your day and you’re sorted. You can just select a topic of your interest and the app introduces you to seven new words related to the topic and you get points for learning them. So cool, right?

  • FluentU: This app uses real-life videos such as news clips and commercials to teach English to its users. It eases you into the natural culture and you have conversations and learn about the topics. The app’s program is designed to allow you to improve your accent naturally.

  • Babbel: To make you understand the language better, Babbel makes vocabulary its prime focus. In order to make you more familiar with English in real-life, the app uses real-life topics which are often used in conversations.

  • Memrise: More than anything else, Memrise focuses on teaching you English words. So, if you are looking forward to learning new words, this one is the best for you. The best part of this app is that it uses humor to make you memorize the words, which makes the course really easy. It’s a friendly app. Many of the courses on the app are designed by the user itself so rest assured, the courses you indulge in are not only tried and tested but also created by your fellow users.    

  • HelloEnglish: HelloEnglish is Asia’s largest English learning platform. It’s a spoken English app. It has interactive modules which have lessons in the form of games. It also gives you a bilingual dictionary.

  • Rosetta Stone: Rosetta Stone is one unique app that uses a cold turkey method to teach you English. It doesn’t offer you any translation in any other language, it’s an only English platform. So if you already know the basics of the language, this is the best option for you to improve.

  • This app keeps the learning easy and effective for its users by providing multiple courses based on personal needs and levels. Some of it courses are vocabulary builder (easy, intermediate and advanced), English Idioms, Phrasal verbs, Commonly Confused Words and so on.               

Which Are The Best Websites To Learn English?

How to improve english - girl learning english from a website

When you are learning English or any new language, you do not want to keep any stone unturned. You want to learn all the right words in the right accent, in all the right ways. However, it can be a challenge if you don’t have enough time to attend classes and if apps aren’t enough for you to learn the language. But no worries, websites to the rescue. There are many websites that offer fun and friendly online courses for the individuals who want to learn English while sitting at their home or at their workplace. Here are a few of them.

1. BBC Learning English:  BBC is well known for its world-class content and it goes without saying the courses offered by BBC’s Learning English match the status. From teaching pronunciation techniques to English in a minute, this website offers all sorts of fun programs.

2. British Council: The British Council website actually has three separate sections for - kids, teens and adults. Each section has a variety of videos, podcasts, games and interactive lessons. As you finish your video or podcast, you receive an exercise to finish.

3. Livemocha: This website lets you practice reading and speaking English with real-life speakers. This unique site creates an online community to encourage live interactions which makes the process of learning English smoother for the learners.  

FluentU and Duolingo also provide their services on their websites, so if you loved the apps, you’ll enjoy the websites’ techniques as well.

What Are Some Lifestyle Changes That Can Help Improve English?

How to learn english - girl reading and writing english to improve vocabulary

We know that learning a new language is not as easy as eating a piece of cake yet there are a few everyday changes that can help your chances of learning English. These habits are simple, fun and easy to follow and if you keep up with these good habits, rest assured that you’ll soon have your desired results and will have a command on the language you have just learned. What an awesome feeling!

  • Download a variety of podcasts 
    Podcasts are really helpful when it comes to learning English as it allows you to listen to the language more and more. You can listen to it while driving, you can listen to it while cooking while walking your dog, even while shopping and the more you listen, the better you get.

  • Bring more English in your habits 
    Everyday things that you do in Hindi or any other native language, change them into English, for example, if you read the daily newspaper in your native language then switch to English newspaper. While using social media sites like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook follow English speaking pages and regular pages and accounts that communicate in English. Watch English shows and English films. In a long run, these switches will make a lot of difference.

  • Download apps to improve English 
    Forget Candy Crush and Subway Surfer for a second and download the apps mentioned above in the article. They also have some games for you to play while improving English. So put this on the top of your good habits list.

  • Listen to English as much as possible 
    Whenever and wherever possible, listen to the language. Make it your resolution. Even if you are in a desk job and end up working on the computer all day long, just put on some English songs. The more you listen, the faster you’ll learn.

  • Speak more… 
    Speaking what you have learned or are learning is an extremely important part of the process. If you feel that there aren’t enough opportunities for you to speak the language or you don’t have a partner to interact with in English then feel free to explore the world of internet for interactions, many websites allow you to interact in English. Start placing your food orders on the phone, in English. Talk to your phone companion, ‘Siri’ in English. You can even practice in the mirror with yourself.

  • Improve vocabulary 
    Now that you are improving your fluency of spoken English, it’s time to improve your vocabulary. Learn the names of each and everything that you use in your everyday life in English. For example, if you are going to buy spices or vegetables for your kitchen, learn the English names for all of them and ones you’ve bought your spices, add a label to the spice box with their English names on them.

How To Start Speaking English Fluently?

When you have already crossed the first level of learning basic English, the next step is to improve your fluency with the words because you can memorize a long list of interesting vocabulary but a good conversation demands right sentence framing and fluency. There are a few tricks and tips you can use to improve your communication skills in the language you’ve just learned. First of all, practice whole sentences while learning and not just a word. Speak slowly and think before you speak your sentences. Listen to learn, listen to English music, English radio channels, English podcasts and try to speak with them as that will dramatically improve your fluency. Interact with the speakers. Have conversations with people often speak in English and ask them to correct you wherever you go wrong, this will help you improve both, your fluency and your command on the language. Another step you can take is to record yourself while speaking a sentence and see how you can make the changes to your fluency, be your own judge based on what you’ve heard in your classes, in English shows and movies.  

How To Improve English Speech Without Practicing With A Partner?

How to improve english - girl learning english by listening to the country music

Well, it is easier to learn and become fluent in a language when you have a partner to practice it with, however, that’s not a possibility for everyone for multiple reasons.  

  • Think in English.

  • Talk to yourself.

  • Talk while looking at a mirror.

  • Try tongue twisters.

  • Listen and repeat.

How To Improve English Grammar?

How to learn english - girl reading an english book

There is no shortcut for learning a language. English isn’t as easy as it seems. There are many rules that you must remember in order to speak or write error-free sentences. Grammar is to English what cheese is to pizza. You must pay heed to your grammatical errors and correct them before they ruin your language skills. In case you were wondering how to improve English grammar, here are some ways to help you.

  • Read books, newspapers and magazines.

  • Memorise grammar rules.

  • Take grammar tests online.

  • Write in English.

  • Converse in English.

  • Listen to people converse in English.

You can take tests online to know your progress. There are various websites that have such tests that let you challenge yourself and know your strengths and weaknesses. Try it here.

How to Improve English Writing Skills?

Many people struggle with writing in English. They feel that they have their way with words while striking a conversation as they can rely on slang but when it comes to writing, people have a hard time framing the right sentences. Are you also looking for ways to improve writing skills? Here are some tips.

  • Expand your vocabulary - Read books and newspapers. Note down words that you don’t know the meaning of and later look for them in the dictionary. Memorise these words and their meanings. Use these words when you write your article. This will better the quality of your content.

  • Work on your spellings - Make sure to work on your spellings. Spelling errors sometimes change the whole meaning of the writing piece. Make a note of all the words you’ve misspelled and learn the correct spellings. Pronounce the word in your head before you pen it down. This will help you write its correct spelling.

  • Enhance your grammar skills - The correct use of tenses, punctuation, pronouns, prepositions and articles should be on your fingertips. If those concepts are a blur, clear them out before you start writing your essay.

  • Experiment with your writing skills - Use idioms, phrases, words, adjectives and synonyms to make your content better and make it more flowery. Have smooth transitions between sentences and from paragraph to paragraph.

How To Improve English Vocabulary?

  • Make a note of new words you learn every day.

  • Use a dictionary to find the meaning and how to use it in a sentence.

  • Use new words in your writing piece and when you speak.

  • Solve word puzzles.

  • Play word games like scrabble.

  • Use Mnemonics to remember the meaning of words.

  • Make a list of synonyms and antonyms.

  • Refer to the thesaurus.

101 Things To Keep In Mind If You Wish To Improve English

1. Let nothing stop you. Make mistakes and learn from them.

2. Hang out with people who interact in English. This will help you brush up yours too.

3. Practice makes a man perfect. Make sure to converse in English every day.

4. Share your ‘only conversing in English’ plan with friends and family. They’ll join you and make sure you don’t get distracted.

5. English has four core facets - reading, writing, speaking and listening. Enhance these skills.

6. Browse through a dictionary every time you read or come across a new word. This will help you build and enhance your vocabulary.

7. Maintain a diary to note down new words you learn every day.

8. Use different words in sentences you speak.

9. Read books.

10. Practice English lessons every day. For instance, punctuations on one day, adverbs on another. Make a schedule for the entire week and follow it.

11. Memorize words you learn.

12. Study at whatever time your mind is the freshest.

13. Find new ways to remember words. For example, their etymology.

14. Take timely tests. When you know you’re preparing to appear for a test, you’ll take your studies more seriously.

15. Set short-term goals for yourself. Reward yourself when you achieve them.

16. Take short intervals between new topics.

17. Don’t start a new topic until you’re completely satisfied with your performance in the previous one.

18. Sit in a quiet and calm place when you sit to practice English tests. Stay clear of crowded places.

19. Watch English movies with subtitles. This will help you grasp faster.

20. You know yourself and your learning capability the best. So, stick to methods that have worked for you in the past.

21. Try a group study. While it is great to sit alone and learn, sometimes, you need interactions to know if you’re doing good and getting better or you need more practice.

22. Approach a mentor. This way you can ask doubts and clear them out timely.

23. Review the things you are studying.

24. Keep checking your progress.

25. Work on your weak areas.

26. Don’t set unachievable targets for yourself. Go slow but be effective.

27. Watch CDs that have English speaking lessons.

28. Make a note of all the errors you make and try to remember them so you don’t make the same ones again.

29. Read newspapers.

30. Try to find errors in the written text.

31. Write an article every day and get it corrected from someone you know has better English than you.

32. Start thinking in English.

33. Don’t translate them blindly in your head.

34. Before you check a dictionary, try finding out the meaning of a word by the way it has been used in a sentence.

35. Try dictation.

36. Learn spellings of confusing words.

37. Learn the root words. They’ll help you guess the meaning of words.

38. Explore all forms of a word every time you learn a new one.

39. Learn prefixes and suffixes.

40. To get the pronunciation right, count the syllables and find where the stress is.

41. No matter how hard it is for you to explain a situation in English, give it a shot.

42. Stay clear of slang and SMS language.

43. Books can only give you the theoretical knowledge, you must apply it in everyday life for practical knowledge.

44. To hone your grammatical skills, discuss your thoughts and application of words with an expert.

45. Start a blog. Your writing skills will get better if you actually start penning your thoughts down.

46. Text only in English.

47. Use full-fledged sentences and no shortcuts.

48. Make sure to use punctuation. It can save lives. For example, Let’s eat Grandma instead of let’s eat, Grandma.

49. Sing English songs when you first hear them.

50. Check the lyrics online to sing the correct ones.

51. Join online chat rooms.

52. Listen to English CDs. Listen and repeat what they say. Focus on the rhythm and pronunciation.

53. Listen to English channels on the radio.

54. Record your voice when you speak in English. Make a friend listen to it and point out the mistakes if any.

55. Work on your intonation.

56. Learn to stress on the right word when you speak a sentence.

57. Slowly increase the level. Pick CDs with a faster speaking speed.

58. Listen to CDs with all kinds of accents.

59. Every time you pick up the dictionary to find the meaning of a word, do look at meanings of two more words around it.

60. Look for synonyms and antonyms.

61. Let your dictionary be an aid and not a teacher you blindly look up to every time you feel stuck.

62. Challenge yourself by guessing the meaning of tough and new words.

63. Always take a deep breath before you speak. This will make you feel more confident and relaxed.

64. Don’t stop if you get stuck while talking. Take a pause and restructure your thoughts.

65. Don’t find excuses to stop practicing every day.

66. Stop procrastinating and start practicing.

67. Watch English interviews of people you love to listen to.

68. Make sure to go step-by-step. Don’t challenge yourself to a point that it frustrates or demotivates you.

69. Work on your English skills first before you start focussing on your accent.

70. Don’t get confused between American and British English. Use whichever you like.

71. Don’t mix two languages while talking. This will ruin both for you.

72. Learn to speak clearly. This will help you work on your pronunciation.

73. Carry cue cards with you if you’re making a speech.

74. Use sticky notes to help you remember words in case you’ve forgotten them.

75. Try guessing the meaning of phrasal verbs.

76. Don’t treat idioms the way you treat other words. They have a hidden meaning.

77. Don’t shy away from conversing in English with people around you.

78. Don’t hang out with people who discourage you or pull you down.

79. Don’t interact with people who speak incorrect English. They will spoil yours too.

80. Use your intuition. Sometimes, your gut feeling is right.

81. Meet new people. The number of people you interact with, the more it will boost your language skills.

82. Start a random conversation in English. Be the one to initiate. This will also make you feel more confident.

83. Participate in debates. Discuss your viewpoint and listen to others carefully. Make note of points that intrigued you or that you couldn’t comprehend. Clear your doubts later.

84. Learn verbs and tenses. They’ll help you frame your sentences better.

85. Drill yourself on irregular verbs.

86. Learn with a friend. You both can correct each other when wrong.

87. Share your progress report with someone. It’ll boost your confidence and motivate you to get better.

88. The way we write English is not the same as how it’s pronounced. Familiarise yourself the Phonetic Alphabet.

89. Read the product description of the products you’re using when you’re sitting idle.

90. Start a ‘Word Of The Day’ practice.

91. Use a Thesaurus.

92. Choose the correct articles in your sentences.

93. Avoid being repetitive.

94. Get your pronouns right.

95. Practice conversations in your head before you have them in real life.

96. Do your homework diligently.

97. Don’t feel belittled if someone corrects you.

98. Don’t get demotivated if your test results are not up to the mark.

99. Fine yourself every time you speak in your mother tongue instead of English.

100. Let the internet be your resource. Search about whatever you want to on the web.

101. Avoid redundancy.


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This story was updated in January 2019.