Ultimate Jobs For Lazy People Because… Why Not?

Ultimate Jobs For Lazy People Because… Why Not?

“Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.”

—Katharine Whitehorn

You’re not a morning person. Or much of an evening person either. Your idea of exercise is to get up to turn off the lights. If it’s out of reach, it’s probably not worth having. In the fight of stay in or go out, you think long and hard, and then decide that your bed has always been there for you in a way your friends haven’t.

Yep, you’re lazy. But even lazy people have ambitions: Like a job that doesn’t take away too much energy and still pays the bills. We bet no one told you about these options when you were filling out college applications.

Go ahead, knock yourself out because the only requirement for these jobs is to be your lazy-bone self

1 Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Nugget Connoisseur

You read that right! UK-based supermarket chain B&M recently posted about this job that requires you to taste fresh and frozen chicken nuggets. They are looking for the kind of people who are “the first in the office kitchen whenever someone says there's cake,” or save the plate first if they ever stumble at a buffet.

3 Fakeation Specialist

Professional Slacker

Back off, this one’s mine! Travel company TUI is hiring Fakeation Specialists in Stockholm who have absolutely no responsibilities. None. Nada. Just sit on the beach, sleep, read a book, and avoid those who use words like ‘deadlines’ and ‘work’. Of course, you get paid for it!


A wise Joker once said, if you’re good at something, never do it for free. And you may be excellent at sitting on the couch at hours at a stretch and watching shows. Why don’t you make a living out of it? Well, Netflix appreciates the skill and hires people as part-time Taggers to watch their content and tag the genres. So, keep an eye out on the jobs posted on their website!

Professional Cuddler

Are you a good snuggler? Does your partner appreciate the way you hold him? Maybe it’s your destiny to become a cuddle practitioner. Before you get any wrong ideas, it’s all platonic, just for human interaction. Lazy boys and girls, get on to cuddlist.com and apply already!

2 Sleeper

Bed Tester

There are mattress testers, duvet testers, bed testers because how else would the brands know if their products are any good? For these jobs, you don’t get out of bed; you get into one. 

Video Game Tester

Grand Theft Auto lovers, this one’s for you. It’s only fair that you get compensated for all your wonderful insights on design, combat, and experience.

Water Sommelier

I kid you not! Follow the lead of LA-based Martin Riese (who has curated a water menu for Ray’s and Stark Bar) and specialise in testing water. How is this not a major thing already!

Professional Sleeper

Zzzzz… From NASA to Hotel Finn in Helsinki, there are companies out there advertising for the most experienced candidates. Do you qualify?

4 Best Jobs

Know about any more such lazy-as-a-door-knob jobs? Share the news with us and your friends!