8 Life Hacks For Women Who Are Too Lazy To Adult

8 Life Hacks For Women Who Are Too Lazy To Adult

Every morning I open my eyes with the same thought. No, it’s not how I can seize the day and be super productive. It’s more like, “I can’t wait to go back to sleep tonight.” I am lazy to a fault, and unapologetically so. And if you like to be glued to your couch, as much as I do, here are 10 life hacks for every woman who is too lazy to adult.

1. If you couldn’t bother to shower on weekends

Say ‘hello’ to dry shampoo and wet wipes, which will take you from drab to fab in minutes. So, even if a sudden night out plan materializes with your friends, you know you can be party ready in no time!

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2. Kitchen hacks to the rescue

Using washable mats on the fridge to using disposable plastic foils on your kitchen slab, to cleaning as I go and cooking a tad extra, I am all about spending the least possible time in getting my food ready so that I can go back to the actual binging - my TV shows.

3. Clean like nobody’s business

Just because I’m lazy, doesn’t mean that I don’t get things done. So when I decide to clean my apartment, I compartmentalize. Dusting, organizing, ironing one after another as opposed to doing one room at a time. That makes the whole damn thing less intimidating.

4. Make good use of that snooze

One thing lazy girls absolutely love doing? Sleeping like there’s no tomorrow. But sadly, more often than not, life beckons. So, on work days set your alarm a few minutes before you actually have to get up. This way, you can hit your fave snooze button and also make it to work on time.

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5. Have a sweatshirt at hand…ALWAYS!

To run errands, to get work done on a chilly morning, to meet your friend for coffee. On most days, when you want to make very less effort in dressing up, let this loose, cozy, fluffy garment come to your rescue!

6. No makeup is your only look

No, kidding ladies. My best friends are my mascara and pink lipstick. How else do you go from nay to yay in two minutes?

7. Iron it out

Make good use of your hair straightener and use it to also clear out the creases on your clothes in the shortest span of time. Talk about being a life-saver and a time-saver at the same time.

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8. Blow dry your hair after a gym sesh

Who says a lazy girl can’t be into fitness, as well? And who says she can’t go on a night out soon after her workout. Just blow dry your hair, ladies, which will get rid of any smell or sweat. Using dry shampoo is not recommended because your hair is still wet!

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