This Bride-To-Be Recreated Her Mom's Wedding Day Look & We Can't Even...

This Bride-To-Be Recreated Her Mom's Wedding Day Look & We Can't Even...

Ladies, remember the times when we used to raid our mom’s wardrobe and dress like her during our childhood? Well, if you nodded in affirmation then you definitely need to know about Gauri Singh who made the most of her childhood hobby in a way that left everyone pleasantly surprised!


To surprise her parents on their 29th Anniversary, Gauri decided to put her childhood hobby to good use and dressed herself in her mom’s bridal attire. It was a very touching moment for her and her mom, especially since she is about to get married soon. She explains, “I am getting married in two months and these are some of my last days with my parents. I wanted to create a special memory that would last a lifetime with them. As far as the idea goes, I would give credit to my sister Bhawna for it, she really helped me out on this.”


Gauri even raided old markets and jewellery stores to get the bridal look right, “It was quite tricky actually. I remember my aunt having a similar saree. I borrowed the saree from her, but arranging jewellery was quite a task. We fortunately found a shop in Delhi which rents traditional jewellery, that matched with the one in the picture. As far as the makeup goes, my sister, Bhawna is quite a pro at it and took care of dolling me up. In all, we really enjoyed the entire process of planning this and also cherished the priceless memories it brought along with it."



That was not all, she even posted the pictures on Facebook with an adorable message that read:

‘They say a daughter is a true reflection of her mother. In my case, it couldn't be more true. On the occasion of your anniversary today Mummy and Papa, we made a little attempt to recreate some of your classic wedding photos. Maybe the attempt was successful, but one can never replicate your beauty, Mummy. As I tread onto a new phase in my life now, if I become half the wife, the daughter and the mother that you have been, I know I will have a successful life.’


The surprise anniversary gift for my parents was so beautiful, that Gauri’s parents just couldn’t hold back their tears. She shares, “My parents weren’t expecting to see me as a bride until my wedding day in December. They were overwhelmed and in tears since it brought back lots of wonderful memories. It was totally worth the effort.

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As for Gauri, we know she’ll make a beautiful bride and we wish her all the love and luck for the future.