9 Things I Wish My Parents Had Told Me About Falling In Love!

9 Things I Wish My Parents Had Told Me About Falling In Love!
There's a lot you learn from your first serious relationship. How loving someone feels, how hurting someone hurts…how a broken heart feels. And there are some things we wish someone had told us when we entered the relationship. Maybe our parents? Here are some things I wish my parents had told me when I had my first serious boyfriend.

1. Boys can be stupid

No, really, I wish they had made me realize this sooner. Boys can be really stupid when it comes to understanding a girl's feelings sometimes, and it takes certain skill to get through to them.

2. Don't believe every word he says

Guys will lie. Either to get what they want or to just make you happy, but but they do tell lies. And blindly believing every word they say just because you're in a relationship isn't advisable. Always stay smart, and trust your intuition about things. No one wants to be played for a fool, right?

3. There's no perfect relationship

We grow up reading fairy tales and watching Bollywood movies - which can really give a girl some unrealistic expectations. I wish my parents had told me that every Raj will not stalk every Simran all the way across the world. In real life, things are actually quite imperfectly perfect.

3 advice about my first serious boyfriend

4. Learn to say sorry

Our parents, our siblings and even our friends let us get away with a lot. And just like we shouldn't take them for granted, we shouldn't take our boyfriends for granted either. I wish I knew the importance of saying sorry then. It doesn't only make a difference to the other person but also helps you grow as a person.

5. Always maintain your own identity

Boyfriends should never be given the power to change us completely. Being open to new things is great, but we shouldn't get pushed into letting them define us. I am my own person, and I don't want that person to get lost along the way.

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6. Don't build walls because of setbacks

Mistakes happen, setbacks will occur. It's just a part of life. We should take it in our stride and never give up on love! No matter what happens, don't close yourself off and build walls around yourself that no one can climb.

6 advice about my first serious boyfriend

7. All that matters is your happiness

Never forget this! If you aren't happy, change something. If you are happy, work on keeping things the way they are. Always work to ensure that your happiness remains intact.

8. Don't get too attached

First love, first serious boyfriend. There's a reason it's the first. Don't let your first relationship take over your life. You life doesn't start and end with it. The relationship is only a chapter. It'll have a beginning and maybe an end. And that's okay!

9. Never let someone pressure you into anything

No matter how much you think you love him and how much you think you trust him, never let him talk you into doing something you don't want to do or feel uncomfortable about. Maintain your freedom, and say no when you want to. If he really loves you, he'll understand!

9 advice about my first serious boyfriend

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