This White Eyeliner Hack Will Make Your Vibrant Eyeshadows Pop Even More

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Sep 27, 2021
This White Eyeliner Hack Will Make Your Vibrant Eyeshadows Pop Even More


There is no doubt that vibrant eye makeup looks are oh so desirable and fun to rock. Bold and bright, a colourful eye makeup look can steal the attention anywhere you go. Hell, it can even make the most basic casual day outfit look uber-chic with the right skills. You may have already invested in eyeshadow palettes with vibrant colours of your choice. But sometimes these very eyeshadow palettes fail to serve on the pigmentation front.

Mainly for women with deeper skin tones, vibrant coloured eyeshadows don’t pop as much as you would like or expect and that could be quite disappointing. Sure, you can make it look ten times more pigmented with the right eye primer or a nifty hack with makeup setting spray; although there is one other hack you can try to get the most out of your eyeshadow colour payoff. Behold the eyeshadow hack using white eyeliner to make coloured eyeshadows look more vibrant when worn.

3-Step Guide To Making Your Coloured Eyeshadows Look More Pigmented


Step 1: Apply White Eyeliner

First and foremost, apply your choice of white eyeliner to the areas that you wish to apply eyeshadow. Use an eyeshadow brush to blend the white eyeliner evenly across the skin and to soften harsh lines.

Step 2: Place The Coloured Eyeshadow

Now that you’ve prepped your lids with white eyeliner, apply your choice of coloured eyeshadow like blue, purple, green or yellow and watch how pigmented it looks. The white eyeliner base really helps with colour payoff.

Step 3: Finish With Liner, Mascara, And Setting Spray

Your coloured eye makeup look will not be complete without light definition. An eyeliner will trace your lash line so that your eyes aren’t lost in the background with all that colour. Mascara will also help make your eyes more defined and wide. Spritz setting spray on your lids so that the colour stays in place and your hard work is not wasted.


How Can White Eyeliner Make Coloured Eyeshadows Pop?

The idea behind this hack is to provide a bright base so that your eyeshadow pigment can stand out. White is the lightest colour on the colour wheel and it is a natural choice to highlight any colour, especially vibrant ones. When you use white eyeliner as a base on your lids, you can apply vibrant eyeshadows and find that the colour is suddenly super pigmented. This is because the white eyeliner will cover up your skin tone and act as a white canvas that is ready to be coloured upon. 

Types Of White Eyeliners To Consider

Ideally, a soft white kohl eyeliner would work the best as it is soft and easily blendable. This soft texture is easy to work with as you can smudge it on your lids and blend it with a brush. White liquid liners can also work, but you will end up using more product to cover up your lids. White gel liners are also a great choice.

To complete your vibrant eye makeup look, choose the right mascara for the perfect finishing touch. We recommend:

Now that you know about this cool eyeshadow hack, go ahead and try it out for the ‘gram.

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