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Green Beauty: The Sparkly Yet Sustainable Eyeshadows Are Perf For Glitter-Obsessed Folks

Green Beauty: The Sparkly Yet Sustainable Eyeshadows Are Perf For Glitter-Obsessed Folks

With the onset of the festive season or holiday parties – or sometimes just a random Wednesday – comes a whole lot of glitter. There’s no denying the fact that glitter is one of the best ways to jazz up any beauty look, but unfortunately, it comes with a pretty major downside: Glitter is terribly bad for the environment. Why? Well, for one, it is made up of tiny plastic particles that, when washed down the drain or thrown in the bin, can have a devastating impact on nature and animals.

But don’t you fret, as present-day brands are creating incredible biodegradable glitter. So if you love shimmer, sparkle, twinkle, glow, glimmer, and all synonyms for “ooh shiny” – we’re here to help you assure your glitter obsession isn’t harming sea creatures. If you wish to make your next glistening moment guilt-free, scroll on to find the best sustainable glitter eyeshadows.

Add These Sparkly Eyeshadows To Your Beauty Stash To Shine Bright Like A Diamond

The Double-Duty Product

Full disclosure: We fell in love with this glitter eyeshadow. The reason? It’s really bold and pigmented, but its also super-wearable. All you have to do is apply a small amount of eye primer to set the eyeshadow pigments up for success. Then use a damp eyeshadow brush to dab some sparkle on your eyelids. The best part is that it also doubles as a lip gloss and can be used to don the on the moment glitter lip trend.

Perf For Trendsetters

Remember smearing your face in piles of sparkly makeup as a child? Well, guess what, it’s time to enhance your eyes with the glitziest makeup products. This is hands-down the absolute best glitter eyeshadow palette you can buy right now. We love this for a long-wearing look or for a girls’-night-out. This will legit leave your eyes glimmering like a disco ball.

For A Fuss-Free Yet Fashion-Forward Look

Dab on a little bit of the E.l.f cosmetic liquid glitter eyeshadow for a more sheer and subtle glittery eye makeup moment. Alternatively, you can layer it on for a more pigmented and bolder look. The formula is available in 6 neutral and bright colours and is perfect for trendsetters. Trust us, all eyes will be on you!

For The Next-Level Look

As soon as we laid our eyes on this gorgeously glittery eyeshadow tube it was love at first sight. Everything from fuss-free application to the mix of warm, shimmering shades and vegan formula – Nars’ offering not one to be missed. It comes in 8 mind-blowing shades. Stand out hues include polished pin up and polly field.

To Up Your Glam-Quotient

Go for gold and channel your inner JLo with this stunning ultra-reflective loose glitter. With around 6 pretty hues to choose from it is the ultimate go-to if you’re looking for a festive-inspired dose of glam. It comes in 8 different shades and will help you create a wide-ranging celeb-approved makeup look. Throw on a nude lip and a set of fanned-out falsies, and call it a look. 

To Steal The Spotlight

This really is glitter eyeshadow at its finest. You know how some eyeshadows claim to be glittery, but then, when applied they leave a few sparse sparkles here and there? Yeah, you don’t get that with this sparkly eyeshadow which is indeed a game-changer. With intense colour pay-off and foil-like effect, it will help you make a head-turning statement.

To Turn Heads

One swipe of this glitter eyeshadow will leave your lids with a ridiculously pretty wash of gold hue. This formula can give any boring, blah eye makeup a lil something extra with very minimal effort. Just scribble it over your lid and blend out with a brush or your finger to nail a statement-making look.

Coz girls just wanna have fun with glitter!

Featured Image: Instagram

31 Aug 2021

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