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Attention Brides-To-Be! 7 Weight Loss Myths You Need To STOP Believing!

Attention Brides-To-Be! 7 Weight Loss Myths You Need To STOP Believing!

Hola all brides-to-be! Your big day is probably a month away and you’re still trying to lose those last few kilos before you walk down the aisle. And this is the time when pretty much everyone you know starts sharing with you their secret to quick and effective weight loss.  However, it’s best to not follow anything unless you’re sure that it’s good for your body and will give you the required results. To help you out, we’ve listed out 7 weight loss myths you need to stop believing right now! 

1. Avoid dairy products

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Says who? Avoiding dairy products will only make your body deficient of calcium, protein and healthy carbs. Dairy products have got nothing to do with weight loss unless you are adviced by a doctor for certain health issues. Dairy intake is absolutely fine. However, this myth turns out true in case your body is lactose intolerant. 

2. Skipping meals doesn’t help

Trust us, skipping meals will never help you lose weight. Instead, will bring in a lot of uneasiness and fatique. While this trick might seem easy and the quickest, you are so wrong to fall for it. Eat healthy and regular meals instead. 


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3. The six small meal funda

The most common weight losing myth is to prefer six small meals over three big meals. It brings no change in weight, as you are still consuming the same amount of calories. So at the end of the day, your metabolism stays the same as well. While many swear by this method, there aren’t any scientific studies to prove the same. 

4. No carbs

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Carbs is a very important part of your daily diet. You can’t skip that. All you got to do is be smart enough to make the right choice and pick the good carbs over the processed carbs. Avoid white bread, snacks like cookies and chips. Instead have brown bread, brown rice, fruits and vegetables.


5. Last bite before 7 pm

All that matters is, the calorie count. Your calorie count needs to be stable throughout your day irrespective of whether you eat before 7 pm or after. But yes, you should avoid late night snacks, as they aren’t healthy and might affect your metabolism. Stick to your regular dinner time but do go for a walk later for better digestion. 

6. Weight loss supplements

Truth be told, weight loss supplements don’t work in your favour. Most people fall for it and find it an easier to pop the pills rather than hit the gym. Weight loss supplements come with a lot of side effects and can prove harmful to your body in the long run.  

7. Being totally dependent on cardio

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It’s true, cardio helps you burn more fat and calories. But it doesn’t mean you get going with a gap of a few hours. Be very sure that cardio is not the only way to lose weight and you should not depend entirely on it. However, one session per day is ideal for you.


But remember… It’s not about the weight on your wedding day, it’s all about how confident you are. Embrace your curves, and stop believing these weight loss myths NOW!

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10 Jul 2018

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