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5 Healthy Lunch Meals For When You Want To Lose Weight

5 Healthy Lunch Meals For When You Want To Lose Weight

Whoever said healthy food can’t be tasty did not know what he or she was cooking. We understand that most of us trying to get fitter, leaner and healthier often feel stuck in a tug of war between healthy vs yummy. Guess what? It doesn’t always have to be one at the cost of the other. We’ve got some great lunch ideas that are aren’t just healthy; but, equally delish to dig into. So, slip into your aprons and start cooking already for easy weight loss!

1. Pita wrap with Hummus & Greens

1.weight loss  pita

This interesting lunch idea gets its USP from the fact that nothing could possibly be healthier than whole wheat pita wrap with a filling of protein packed hummus, layered with some crunchy greens giving you all the minerals & fibre. If you love this recipe then it is well worth doubling the hummus prepared and freezing it, so that you can snack on it later as well.

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2. A Bowl of Udon Noodle Soup

2. weight loss noodle soup

This delicious and super-filling Japanese Udon noodle soup gets an upgrade by adding lots of fresh leafy greens like bok-choy, broccoli, lettuce and sprouts. Don’t forget to add a swirl of miso paste to the soup and stir it well before consuming to give it the super yummy tinge.
P.S. You can always add chicken or tofu to the soup to load up on proteins.

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3. Edamame & Chicken Greek Salad

3. weight loss  greek salad


Cucumber, feta, basil and olives is all you need to prepare this very delectable salad. Toasted pitas brushed with olive oil and sprinkled oregano to go with the salad, is what makes the meal complete.  Easy to make, healthy and light, this lunch salad is the way to cut calories and get that figure you’ve been aspiring for.

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4. Peanut Tofu Wrap

4. weight loss peanut tofu wrap

Short on time yet wish to eat healthy? This lunch idea is the one for you. Fill the wrap with some baked tofu tossed in Thai peanut sauce and throw in some crunchy veggies for the flavour and voila, lunch is ready. This protein packed lunch with a burst of flavour is all you need to get started with healthy eating.


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5.Spiced Chicken Pita Pockets

5. weight loss pita pockets

Appealing and healthy, the spiced chicken pita pocket makes for the perfect lunch. Grilled spice-rubbed chicken bits tucked in whole wheat pita pockets along with some onions and capsicums laid on a bed of tangy yogurt or low-fat mayonnaise sauce. In case it gets too spicy for you, devouring a square of dark chocolate post the meal, is always an option!
Cutting down on calories is one way to get fitter but working out always supplements healthy eating.

6. Quinoa Chickpea Burger

6. weight loss  quinoa chickpea burger


A whole-wheat burger packed with quinoa and chickpea with some spinach leaves, salsa is what it takes to keep your tummy, happy, healthy and satisfied. Loaded with iron, magnesium and fibre, quinoa is sure to keep you energised through the day, while chickpea will provide you your daily dose of protein.

29 Nov 2017

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