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Increase The Intake Of Fibres In Your Meals By Choosing Kapiva Digesti Fibres

Increase The Intake Of Fibres In Your Meals By Choosing Kapiva Digesti Fibres

Consuming a diet that’s low in fibre, sudden changes in eating habits, stress and untimely meals are some of the common issues that affect our digestive system. Binging on junk food frequently and not maintaining a balance between work and personal life do not help either. While it is not easy to overcome these issues, Kapiva Digesti Fibres definitely makes your life easier. It helps you fight constipation (by flushing out cholesterol), acidity, bloating, and irregular bowel movement (IBS)—the five main signs of indigestion. 

There are two types of fibres that our body needs-soluble and insoluble. Kapiva Digesti Fibres is enriched with the goodness of Ayurveda and contains all the best fibres for digestion. It has triphala that is made up of amla, baheda and haritaki, and isabgol to regularise bowel movement. It also contains chicory root fibres that serve as probiotics (good bacteria), oat fibres and Gond that make you feel full. These are some of the most potent ingredients that together amplify each other’s effect. It also improves our gut health as it contains rock salt and black salt.


In the product, you get 30 sachets that you can have regularly by mixing one sachet in 100ml of lukewarm milk, water or curd any time of the day. You can include this in your daily diet in a hassle free way! Best of all is that it comes in two tasty flavours—Kesar Badam and Aam Panna. Make sure to mix the Kesar Badam flavour in milk to get a tasty blend of the flavour with key digestive fibres. As for the Aam Panna, mix it with water to relish the taste of Aam Panna from your childhood. It does not contain any harmful sweeteners and is sweetened with Stevia that keeps your blood pressure in check as well.

Eat Mindfully


Apart from eating healthy, it is also important to eat on time. According to Ayurveda, our agni or digestive fire transforms food into fuel. This process takes time and binging any time of the day or not having gaps between your meals can lead to digestive issues.

Have a medium-sized breakfast in the morning before 9:00 am and lunch between 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. Avoid eating dinner or anything else after 8:00 pm. Chew your food properly so that digestive enzymes can break it down easily.

Do not overeat as it can cause gas, bloating and indigestion. Our brain takes time to register that our stomach is full so eat slowly and stop when you feel full immediately. Also, stay hydrated because low fluid intake is one of the main causes of constipation. Drink at least 2 litres of water every day and even more if you exercise regularly.



Exercising regularly can prevent a lot of digestive problems. By keeping your body in motion, you are making it easier for food to travel through your digestive system. Go for a short walk after you have eaten as it will help get things moving.

It’s high time we start fighting the root causes of all our digestive problems and not just cure them temporarily. Kapiva digestive products, made from pure organic ingredients, are the ultimate solution to all your digestive issues. These products are GMP certified (aka no compromise with the quality), 100% vegan as well as keto-friendly. So, stop waiting and start ordering!

**This is a sponsored post for Kapiva

23 Sep 2021

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