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Need To Lose The Extra Weight? Here’s How To Do So Without Moving A Muscle

Need To Lose The Extra Weight? Here’s How To Do So Without Moving A Muscle

The weight loss industry has so many myths and trends that it’s difficult to keep up. There are many different types of diets for people who want to look leaner and then there are fitness experts showing different exercises. However, not everyone is a gym person and dieting aimlessly can’t be a long-term solution for all of us. Also, every body type is different and reacts differently to weight loss tips and tricks, so it’s always recommended to talk to a dietician and get a custom-made plan to suit your body.

So, don’t look for a ‘hit formula’ that can change your life. Instead, follow some simple ways to get fitter and healthier. Here are all the lifestyle choices you can make to lose weight without moving extra muscles.

1. Don’t rush!

Firstly, understand that it’s a slow process. So, be easy on yourself when it comes to cutting out the slow poisons out of your life. If you do it all together, you’ll end up having more cravings. 

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2. Bye bye, sugar and bread!

The two most favourite and addictive foods need to go from your daily diet. Sugar and refined carbs make way into your lives in childhood and they stick until you are unhealthy. As per the research, they are responsible for obesity in both kids and adult. Convince yourself to give up on vada pav, bread, pastries, chocolates, colas and many such foods and you’ll be set. 

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3. Water, water, water!

Give your body water, not by the number of glasses but by hour, especially before meals. A human body needs water every hour and it naturally boosts metabolism. 

4. Five to six meal rule

Follow a number between five to six for your meals. Out of which, make one of them salad or soup, and the other fruits.


Drink apple cider vinegar in the morning with lukewarm water.

Five to six meals a day will not only keep you full, but will also boost your metabolism and good food like salads and fruits will nurture your skin. Your skin will thank you for the glow!

5. Cook in coconut oil or mustard oil

Ancestors used to prefer these to oils for cooking more than any other because they are made of healthy fats and instead of being heavy on the stomach, mustard oil boost the metabolism by at least 120 calories per day. Find ways to keep healthy fats in your diet; for example, you can spray cold pressed coconut and walnut oil on your salad dressing.

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6. Less packaged products, more fiber, more spice

Rely less on what you can’t see. Use more fresh items. And keep the cooking process as simple as possible. More complex cooking process, more loss of nutrients. Add more fiber and protein to your diet. Spices like cinnamon, turmeric, pepper, black salt are great for both weight loss and your overall health. 

7. Eat in smaller plates!

It’s all about fooling the eyes baby, just like how restaurants do it. Look at the food while you are having it. Studies show that with smaller plates, your eyes give your brain the ‘full’ sign much sooner than when eating in bigger plates.

8. Get good sleep

Skip a few shows and give your body complete rest. It’s as important as eating healthy. 

9. Say hello to superfoods!

Broccoli, flax seeds, asparagus, fresh turmeric, ginger, garlic, avocado, zucchini, chia seeds, quinoa, oats, dark chocolate and all those foods you skip while shopping in the fruits and vegetable aisle, start picking them. 


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10. Don’t do crazy diets

You don’t have to… just replace everything you eat with something healthy like chips with seeds and nuts, pizza with steamed semolina idli and sambhar, coke with lime juice and green tea. Stay up for at least two hours after eating and take small walks. 

Remember that weight loss should feel gradual, just how weight gain felt. Losing weight too fast isn’t a good news. 

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26 Jul 2018

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