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7 Wedding Trends You Should Give A Miss This Year!

7 Wedding Trends You Should Give A Miss This Year!

A fabulously unique theme, pre-wedding shoots, vintage cars – who wouldn’t want to make all these beautiful trends a part of their wedding? But just because a celeb is having their wedding on a cruise, doesn’t mean you should do it too. As much as you want to stay updated with all the wedding trends, you can always afford to skip a few, especially, the following below…

1. Going boho-chic

Let’s get real. Get rid of that barn background – too many weddings have used it already. You could get a better backdrop at a chic hotel or a vineyard, without the steep decor costs!

2. Floral jewellery

It seems like every other bride is flaunting floral maang tikkas and haath phools at their mehendi function, irrespective of the theme. Opt for real jewels instead which will only add to your bridal look.



3. Wedding hashtags

Yes, we love all the likes and comments that a smart hashtag can give us. But hashtags are so passe on your D-day! Your friends know it, you will post a 1000 selfies on Instagram and all your friends and family are likely to see them and love them, even without the hashtag.

4. Avoid too many signboards

Sure, you can have one outside the venue but too many may sound cute in theory, but could actually just turn out to be a waste of space. Plus, why do chalkboards when everyone’s already done them?

5. No mushy pre-wedding shoots, please!

Pre-wedding shoots have become a must do thing before the wedding. Do away with the extra mushy poses and opt for something more fun and unique. Try to be the natural you, give those traditional gowns and glittery lehengas a miss and pick something fun and frolic-like for your pre-wedding ensemble. Avoid heavy make-up, and opt for some nude tones.



6. Groom arriving in a vintage car…

Give that vintage car a miss. Even if the groom asks for it, make him understand that stepping out of a vintage Aston Martin can be quite costly, especially when you are trying to maintain a strict budget.

7. Portrait shots of your wedding outfit

Don’t try to act candid. Be candid. Ditch the glamour shots, do away with pretence. Instead be normal, be yourself and express your happiness. It won’t be an album of photos then, it will be a bank of memories.

22 Feb 2018

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