The Hottest Wedding Trends Of 2016 - Revealed!

The Hottest Wedding Trends Of 2016 - Revealed!
Devika Narain is not just an international wedding designer, she is the woman with a magic wand. Flip through her Instagram account and you’ll know just what I mean. Devika makes dream weddings a reality. She has a knack for transforming the most basic, everyday things into spectacular works of art and give a whole new meaning to wedding decor. Here are 10 wedding trends by Devika Narain that will be all the rage in the coming shaadi season.

1.  Vintage India

wedding trends by Devika Narain

Vintage with a modern twist is huge right now. Everyone is in love with this vibe, mostly because it works beautifully at every kind of event. For a December wedding in Kerala, Devika created beautiful table details with pickle jars filled with potted marigold and vintage Air India posters!

2.  Organic inspirations

wedding trends by Devika NarainWith the whole world trying to go green, using potted plants as centrepieces and earthy tones are going to be in vogue. A bunch of flowers and greens as table runners also look absolutely gorgeous!

3. Colour block

wedding trends by Devika Narain

People are slowly moving away from multi-coloured mehendi decor to colour-blocked mehendis with a single or dual colour. It’s looks very dramatic and photographs extremely well.

4. Jaalis are in!

wedding trends by Devika Narain

Gone are the days of over the top flowers and arches. Contemporary minimal is the way to go. Devika loves how impactful jaalis look: There are so many ways to play around with them - for an entrance, backdrop or even for tables.”

5. Bulbs

wedding trends by Devika Narain

An instant way to make any venue glamorous! String them up, hang them or create a wall out of them - bulbs were huge last season and are definitely here to stay!


6. Kites all the way!

wedding trends by Devika Narain

“I used kites as table mats and coasters for a ceremony and people absolutely loved it!” We can’t believe how cute and fun these kites look! Just perfect for an afternoon mehendi!

7. Flowers as drapes

wedding trends by Devika Narain

With the summer coming in, Indian flowers are the best way to make your venue not just look good but also smell fabulous. Say goodbye to drapes for your venue chairs and hello to pretty flowers!

8. Colour of the season - lavender!

wedding trends by Devika Narain

Even though floral prints are very in, everyone is now moving away from pinks and peaches to mint and lavender. It’s a refreshing change and if done well, can look extremely glamorous.

9. A floating chandelier

wedding trends by Devika Narain

Floating flowers above each table filled with candles and more flowers! It looks just as pretty as it sounds!

10. Ghungroo bangles

wedding trends by Devika Narain

Incorporating ghungroo bangles as a decor detail is an easy way to make your wedding decor look absolutely gorgeous!

Images: Devika Narain

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