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Paisa Vasool! This Beauty Hack Will Ensure That You Use Every Last Drop Of Your Lipstick

Paisa Vasool! This Beauty Hack Will Ensure That You Use Every Last Drop Of Your Lipstick

If you ever search for satisfying makeup videos on Google, a lot of results will show you people cutting or crushing a lipstick, breaking a makeup product, or destroying the whole pan – you get the point right? As much as people love tagging and sharing these videos with their makeup-loving friends, you have to agree that it is a complete waste of the product for a few minutes of cheap fame. And then there are some of us who love to finish everything we buy. The worst feeling, however, is running out of your favourite lipstick, or worse your favourite concealer before an important function.

But what if we show you how to break open a lipstick container so that you can use every last drop!? Actually, this amazing beauty hack makes sure you minimize any product wastage whatsoever! 

An Instagram account, @empties.likmysoul (💯for the username) posts all of her products that have hit pan, along with a mini-review of what she thinks of the product. One such video that has been getting massive love from every lipstick lover is where she shows how to properly empty a lipstick using a tiny spatula, thus using every bit of the product.

Watch the video below 💄

As you can see, she removed the makeup stopper from the lipstick tube, which allowed her to insert a tiny cosmetic spatula into it. She then twirls and twirls the spatula multiple times inside the tube till all the product gets scooped out, even from the places a doe-foot applicator couldn’t reach!

All it took are a few twists and turns and now she can officially say she’s used up every last drop!

Talk about paisa vasool!

This is a great tool to have, especially if you are a minimalist and end up using everything you purchase. A silicone spatula like this makes sure you can get into every nook and cranny of your makeup container and use up every last bit.

Psst: If you find that there’s too much product leftover in your container, you could always scoop it out into one of those travel-sized containers. Or save your old lip balm tins for situations like these.

What do you think of this awesome beauty hack? Cannot wait to try it, right? SAME!

Featured Image: Pexels.com

23 Apr 2020

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