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Looks That Slapped So Hard At The Met Gala, We Need To Sit Down!

Looks That Slapped So Hard At The Met Gala, We Need To Sit Down!

Ah, the Met Gala! Fashion’s favourite night where the red carpet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art transforms into a runway for the avant-garde. The theme was inspired by English novelist J.G. Ballard’s short dystopian story about stopping time. The exhibit was titled ‘Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion’ while the theme of the evening was along the lines of ‘Garden of Time’.

The Met is not just a couture exhibition to judge who wore it best, it’s about pinpointing those who dared to push boundaries with their interpretations of The Garden Of Time. I expected a cascade of techno-floral and it’s disappointing to be right, since many celebrities took the theme quite literally, showing up in uninspired variations of petals and branches. But there were some that caught our eye!

All The Fits That Slayed!

Alia Bhatt

Resplendent in a gorgeous, hand-embroidered Sabyasachi saree that took 163 people around 1965 hours to make, Alia Bhatt was the belle of the ball. With her gorgeous curls and flushed skin, she was Princess Jasmine incarnate. A fabulous representation of South Asian culture and style on a Western carpet.


Jennifer Lopez

Schiaparelli is one brand that always, always delivers. I’ve never seen a Schiaparelli ensemble and not fallen head over heels in love with it. That textured updo with a snatched no makeup, makeup look stole the show.


As co-chair of the Met this year, everyone had big expectations from the Challenger star. If her red carpets were any indication of her fashion prowess, the star’s Met gown(s) truly stole the show. Styled by Law Roach, each fit was paired with an equally wicked makeup look and accessories.

Ariana Grande

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Ariana Grande’s outfits because it feels like she found her style in 2016 and stuck to it. But I have to say, her Loewe look really did right. And don’t even get me started on the eye wings, that’s some makeup mastery right there!


Lana Del Ray

Not one for dressing out of her usual coquette ensembles, the singer really branched out with this one. That’s all I have to say about her woody Gucci outfit. The Cola lips were a nice, trendy touch that brought in the brown.

Mona Patel

The South Asian attendees stole the show this year. Mona Patel styled by Law Roach, in a gorgeous Iris van Herpen was by far the best dressed this year. And the peachy pink makeup? The perfect complement to her intricate dress. 100/10, no crumbs.

Isha Ambani

In a custom Rahul Mishra and styled by none other than Anaita Shroff Adajania, Isha Ambani’s dress was a collage of archival flowers from Rahul’s past collections. The drama of the colours paired with her bronzed makeup and flowing hair was a look to compete with.

Cardi B

With a very similar vibe to Zendaya’s fit, Cardi B showed up in a moulin rouge gown by the brand Windosen. It’s giving modern-day Maleficent, if she had a manicurist and a makeup artist with an eye for contrast!


Natasha Poonawal

Gotta love a good Maison Margiela pick on the red carpet because Mr. Galliano never disappoints. Natasha Poonawal’s dress was perfect for the theme, it felt like it was straight out of the J.G. Ballard story. Plus, that red lip and surreal blush were the perfect addition to her avant-garde look.

Fits That Were An Absolute NAY

Kylie Jenner

Usually, Kylie slays. All her outfits from Fashion Week were absolutely the creme de la creme of 2024 haute couture, but she clearly didn’t read the invite before showing up dressed for a ball instead of the gala. As one user commented, her Oscar de la Renta gown was “very simple, very basic, very boring”; this includes the uninspired hair and makeup.

Gigi Hadid

Donned in a white floral gown by Thom Browne, Gigi’s look was not iconic. The dreary gown paired with the red lip and circles of blush seemed a little more tired than impressed.

Mindy Kaling

Uncomfortably similar to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s Cannes look, Mindy’s outfit was as gorgeous as all of Gaurav Gupta’s creations. Unfortunately, there was absolutely no sign of a vision – ‘guts toh hai’.


Kim Kardashian

A mishmash of different aesthetics is never appreciated on a carpet with a theme. Kimmy, your body proportions can’t be the only thing making this Masion outfit work. Where is the drama, babe? Did we miss the memo?

Nicki Minaj

This has to be the most literal representation of a garden I have ever seen. 2005 called, they want their tacky back. No comments on the hairstyle – if there’s one bob to avoid this year it’s this one.

Sydney Sweeny

Loved the dress, but did not understand the styling. I love Miu Miu but this could have been so much more ethereal. It’s giving confused, which is never a good idea.

Doja Cat

The last and most preposterous nay has to be Doja’s wet dress. The makeup was totally on point but I’m afraid the outfit was so bad no one wants to look beyond it. Custom Vetements if you can believe it.


As the stars descend upon the Met, each outfit tells a story, some tales older than time, others fresh and forward-thinking. And while we relished this display of creativity and innovation, let’s not forget the ongoing conversation about real inclusivity in fashion. After all, the true beauty of “The Garden of Time” isn’t just in its ability to stop the clock – it’s in its potential to start new conversations.

Featured Images: Instagram

07 May 2024

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