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10 Best Lipstick Shades That Will Always be in Fashion

10 Best Lipstick Shades That Will Always be in Fashion

There is always that top lipstick colour of the season - the one that models and celebs sport everywhere, and everyone goes gaga over that makeup look. However ladies, if you’re not one to follow trends blindly, we’d like to tell you that there are certain lipstick colours that NEVER go out of style. They’re classics and look good every time you wear them. Stock up on these 10 evergreen and best lipstick shades that will always look amazing and stylish!

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1. A deep red

1 lipstick shades

This one’s a no-brainer. Having a deep red shade in your makeup kit is a must. This vibrant shade is an instant pick-me-up for your look. Be it a wedding, a date night or a girls night out, this shade will always look stunning!

POPxo Recommends: MAC Retro Matte Lipstick - Ruby Woo (Rs 1,450)

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2. An orange pop

2 lipstick shades

How gorgeous would you look if you swiped on this lippie and stepped out for the day? A pop of orange that isn’t super OTT is the bomb, ladies. And it is one classic shade that will complement your look each time you wear it.

POPxo Recommends: Color Fever Orange Creamy Matte Lipstick (Rs 292)

3. A blush pink

3 lipstick shades

The sweet, girl-next-door look will never go out of style. Which is why a blush pink lippie has been one of the best lipstick shades for eons of years. Keep this in your makeup kit and wear it with all your whites and soft coloured outfits for some girly glam.

POPxo Recommends: Lakme Absolutely Argan Oil Lip Colour - Silky Blush (Rs 562)

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4. A beige beauty

4 lipstick shades

If you aren’t a brown lipstick kinda girl, a subtle beige is a lovely option. It adds just the right amount of colour and goes with almost everything. Added bonus - it’s not too OTT and looks stylish always!

POPxo Recommends: Lakme Enrich Satin Lip Colour - B573 (Rs 208)

5. A beautiful berry

5 lipstick shades

Want to make a sultry, bold statement? A berry coloured lipstick is the best lipstick shade for you! This plum shade will make you look super chic and ready to take on the world, girl! A few swipes and you’ll feel sexier than ever, we promise!

POPxo Recommends: L’Oreal Paris Infaillible - Tender Berry (Rs 649)

6. A pure purple

6 lipstick shades

Not something we all would like to swipe on on a regular basis, but a beautiful shade nonetheless. A deep purple shade looks classy and rich. Get yourself one and you won’t be disappointed, ladies. Also, you’re sure to get compliments each time you wear it, trust us!

POPxo Recommends: Lotus Ecostay Long Lasting Lip Colour - Purple Daisy (Rs 445)

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7. A chocolate brown

7 lipstick shades

An evergreen shade - a brown lipstick always adds that super stylish, polished and chic touch to your look. A tad bit dark, it is sure to make a bold statement like no other shade. Why do you think Kylie Jenner always favours it? Get yourself one if you don’t have it already, we say!

POPxo Recommends: Lotus Pure Colours - Choco Chic (Rs 325)

8. A barely-there peach

8 lipstick shades

Subtle shades are all the rage, always! And so, there’s no doubt around the idea that having a subtle peach coloured lipstick in your makeup kit is almost essential. Who wouldn’t love a pretty peach pout, after all?!

POPxo Recommends: Maybelline Color Show Creamy Matte Lip Colour - Peach Personality (Rs 243)

9. A super bright pink

9 lipstick shades

Pinks lippies - you can never have enough of them, ladies. And when it comes to a bright pink lipstick - you’ve just got to have one in your makeup pouch! It will always make you look like a dream and can perk up your mood in a jiffy!

POPxo Recommends: Colorbar Sheer Creme Lust Lipstick - Paradise Pink (Rs 600)

10. A magical maroon

10 lipstick shades

Maroon lipsticks truly are magical, ladies. They look wonderful and are perfect for your fun nights out with the girls. They transform your look instantly, and are sure to make you look uber chic!

POPxo Recommends: C.A.L Los Angeles Intense Matte Lipstick - Carmine Maroon (Rs 225)

Ladies, with these fab colours in your makeup kit, you’re sure to look stylish always!
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Published on Nov 27, 2018
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