Is Your Beauty Vocab On Fleek? 7 Beauty Slang Terms Every Beauty Junkie Should Know

Is Your Beauty Vocab On Fleek? 7 Beauty Slang Terms Every Beauty Junkie Should Know

If you enjoy long romantic walks to the makeup aisle, know the difference between bronzing and contouring and truly understand the magical power of a concealer, then you and I are virtual BFFs from this day forward.

Makeup is an art that is loved by so many beauty unicorns across the globe; gender- no bar! And just like me, if a new makeup launch excites you more than Siddhant Chaturvedi’s rockhard abs or you appreciate the packaging more than the product itself, then you understand that beauty is a serious business.

You might be a beauty guru when it comes to the practical application of the product but how familiar are you with some of these well-known beauty slangs? Let’s find out.

You May Be Cool But Are You *Beauty* Cool?

If blending is your cardio and the only time you lift is when you do your mascara, then you must be familiar with some of these beauty slangs. Let's see how many of these you already know!


Before you put your apron on, let us tell you that in the beauty world, baking has nothing to do with flour or eggs! A master technique that involves layering your beat face (we’ll get to it later) with translucent powder, baking is a foolproof way to ensure that your makeup stays intact without getting oily or creasing around your *problem-prone* areas. All you need to do is apply some translucent powder on your damp beauty sponge and dab it everywhere you’ve applied the concealer (under the eyes, forehead and on the chin) and let it sit for ten minutes.

It's time to do some baking 'coz you a snack!

Giving Me Life

If you follow any mega beauty guru such as Jeffree Star or Nikkie Tutorials, I bet you’ve heard this term more times you've been late for work this month.

*Giving me life* is a common beauty slang which basically means that's something is SO good that it's making you feel all excited, giving you energy; basically giving you life.

Eg: Oooooohh, Kim K's contour is giving me life!


If you live for the glow and it gives you life, strobing must be your favourite part about doing your makeup!

Unlike highlighting, strobing is a beauty technique that will glow...I mean blow your *glistening* mind. Strobing involves using a blinding highlighter that helps accentuate your best facial features. 

Try this today and let everyone say, "That glo tho!"


On Fleek

If your highlighter is popping, you on fleek, girl! If your eyeshadow is blended to perfection, you on fleek. If your contour is sharp enough to stab someone, you on fleek. You get it, right?

On fleek means that your looks are good enough to kill someone.

Eg: Damn girl, you look so fine and those eyebrows are on fleek!

Beat face

A Beat face is a common beauty slang which means that your face is slaying. It's when your makeup reeks of perfection and you're ready to flaunt your #MOTD on the 'Gram!

If you're done baking, contouring, highlighting, fixed your brows and other copious steps, we bet you have a beat face today!

Hit Pan

Have you ever used a makeup product to its full extent? Used it so much that your makeup brush 'hit pan'?

It's a common slang which implies that you love a particular makeup product so much that you can basically see its bottom and your brush 'hits' it every time you use it.

Holy Grail

Holy grail denotes makeup product(s) that you completely love and swear by! You'd rather be seen in public with your toxic ex than letting it get discontinued!

Eg: I love this primer. It makes my pores shrink to nothing and I use it daily as a makeup base. It's my holy grail!

PS: Is your beauty vocab as lit as your highlighter?

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