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Designer JJ Valaya Predicts 5 Bridal Blouse Trends That Are Sure To Go Big In 2021

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Mar 25, 2021
Designer JJ Valaya Predicts 5 Bridal Blouse Trends That Are Sure To Go Big In 2021


Curating a bridal trousseau is no small feat. From finding the perfectly embellished lehenga to versatile accessories that don’t go wasted post-wedding, there is just so much to keep in mind. Amid all this planning, it’s often the small details that go unnoticed, your blouse being one of them. However, the devil’s in the details it’s said and holds true especially in this case. Often lying low on our priorities list, the blouse can literally make or break the look. 

A good example of the same would be Madhuri Dixit’s iconic purple blouse from Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Not only did the backless blouse fueled many sartorial fantasies back in the 90s but also taught us how to do a risque look with style. With its full sleeves and the gorgeous zardozi embellishment, the stunning separate really did show us the difference that a blouse can make.

Thus, as it turns out, it is indeed the humble blouse that can change your look from ‘ok’ to ‘omg’ in no time and that’s exactly why it deserves more than a passing consideration. Now, here comes the major question–how do we select the perfect blouse? Well, to answer this for you we recently reached out to the master couturier and the authority on all things gorgeous blouses, JJ Valaya. From styling advice to blouse trends in 2021, the designer helped us with all and here’s a lowdown for you. 

Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting A Blouse


Well, the best way to open the discussion on finding the right blouse fit would be to start with what not to do. According to Valaya, the biggest mistake that brides often make while choosing their blouses is blindly following the trends instead of choosing fits that complement their body type. 

“It is crucial to pay attention to one’s body type and tone and understand what suits you best rather than succumbing to the pick of the season. Simply wearing something that makes you feel comfortable and looks great on you would never go out of style,” says the designer. 

He further adds that the preference of the design and style of the blouse are exceedingly distinctive to every bride. Thus, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the style of a blouse. “Comfort is of the foremost importance as one needs to feel confident and beautiful in what one’s wearing. The material and style can also be dependent on the season as well as on body types,” says Valaya. 

JJ Valaya-Approved! Fresh Blouse Styles To Bookmark For Wedding Season 2021


Valaya is of the view that the blouses have dramatically evolved in the past couple of decades and we agree. From the chic decolletage-baring beauties to refined high neck wonders, there is just so much that you can do with a blouse today. As Valaya says, “With a modern and evolved outlook, women are increasingly experimenting with their bridal looks and therefore, there has been an increase in contemporary styling in blouses replete with interesting necklines, low backs and experimental lengths and details.”

Here is a JJ Valaya list of blouse styles that are surely gonna reign supreme in 2021:

The Puffed Sleeve Tabriz Blouse


“This season, one of the most celebrated Valaya pieces has been from our Tabriz collection, which is a puffed sleeve blouse with various forms of modifications in terms of sleeve lengths and details,” shares Valaya. Well, this blouse is quite a show stopper and comes in various styles and fits. From a full-sleeved design to a delicate plunging neckline, you’ll find it all. 

The Tulle Blouse


Another stunner from Valaya’s collection that is doing really well at the moment features a more contemporary design. “The upper half of this blouse has been done in tulle and the rest is heavily embroidered giving it a feel of sensuous regality,” he explains. 

The Cutaway Blouse


Like to keep it playful and sexy? JJ Valaya’s cutaway blouse is what you need! Designed for the summer months, the blouse features a plunging neckline. We are especially in love with a version that has oversized stones swaying through its hem. 

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The Classic Blouse


Well, every trousseau needs to have some evergreen picks that never go out of style and the classic JJ Valaya blouse is one of them. With its half sleeve and basic, round neckline, there’s no going wrong with this blouse. 

The Queen Anne Neck


This blouse style would be perfect for those who like to go for distinctive looks, the kinds that turn heads. The Queen Anne neckline set in with Indian embellishments is surely a sight to behold. 

Styling Advice For The Conservative Bride


According to Valaya, a high neck blouse would work great for a conservative bride. However, he recommends that if you are going for a fully covered front then you should play with the back of the blouse accordingly. He explains, “There are varied options of doing this, such as a large keyhole, a tulle back or a deep back with a strap. Such kind of silhouettes work wonderfully for someone who’s a bit more conservative as it provides an interesting contrast between the front and back of the blouse.”

Along with the neckline, the brides can also play with the length of the blouse and its sleeves and choose whatever seems fit and appropriate. Also, the key here is to go for a flawless finish and fitting. 

Styling Advice For The Bold Bride


In Valaya’s belief, a bold bride is someone who is extremely experimental and is therefore open to newer styles. For such a bride the world is her oyster and she can choose any style ranging from halter necks to wide neck fitted blouses, deep necks, tulle blouses and so on If you have the right attitude to pull something off, it will work wonders for you. “A word of caution though … in experimentation, there is a thin line between looking sophisticated Vs. looking outrageous so do be aware of this fact,” he adds. 

Lastly, one always needs to keep in mind that it’s not the clothes on the woman but the woman in the cloth that matters the most. As, Valaya says, “If you have the confidence and an understanding of style, you will always have a winner look at the hand.”

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