Quirky New Year Resolutions You Would Want To Keep In 2018

Isheeta SharmaIsheeta Sharma  |  Dec 13, 2017
Quirky New Year Resolutions You Would Want To Keep In 2018


It is definitively clichéd, that two weeks before the new year, I am going to talk to you about resolutions. But, why? Remember when we used to actually have those things? Ever since adulting hit, I threw all expectations for myself out the window. But this year, I am going back to my old-school habits and I would urge you to do the same. But, of course making new year’s resolutions, are easier said than done. They are the worst when you actually have to get up the next day and adhere to them! Well, we’ve got some quirky new year resolutions you might actually want to keep in 2018.

1. Learn a party trick

It could be spinning a pen on two fingers, catching something mid-air with just chopsticks or hell, even solving a Rubik’s cube in under a minute. Get your party game on because it will be totally worth it when your friends look at you like you’re the new cool stud in town!

2. Try a different cuisine every month

The beginning of every month, when your salary gets credited, go out and treat yourself to a different cuisine. You might or might not like it but you’ll never know until you try. And the foodie in you will love these little monthly celebrations!

2 new year resolutions

3. Go for a fun workout session

If the idea of yoga makes you crawl back in your bed, then mix it up with beer or BDSM and you’re all set! Go for something fun to get your health under control instead of aiming for 2 hours at the gym every day.

4. Buy something worthwhile every 3-6 months

Okay, here’s the thing – we all love to shop but most of the time, we’re spending our money on all the useless stuff out there. Instead, save up for bigger buys. Every 3-6 months, buy something more expensive but that will last you much longer. That way you can also keep the shopper in you calm and composed.

4 new year resolutions

5. Learn a new DIY every month

To add to your skill set and also do something fun, this is perfect. Get your chart papers, sketch pens and all the junk out of your almirah and get started!

6. Hang out with one new person at least once a week

As much as I hate adulting, I hate socializing more. So this one was custom-made for me. And maybe even you. It’s important to spread out your circle and be open to meeting new people. So this year, when that colleague asks if you want to go for a drink after, take a deep breath and say yes.

6 new year resolutions

7. And finally, step out of your comfort zone!

Consider this as another year and another opportunity. It’s time to get out there, ladies. Put up posters of ‘Carpe Diem’ or ‘#GirlBoss’ on your bedroom wall if you have to but go ahead and get out of your zone. Discover new things, great people, and even better experiences. 

Let this be the start of something new!

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