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Dear Hubby, Let's Make These New Year Resolutions Together?!

Dear Hubby, Let's Make These New Year Resolutions Together?!

2017 is over, hubby! To be honest, it went by faster than an eye blink! It’s been a great year with you, what’s with all the New Year resolutions we made last year AND followed through! I’m glad we could actually tick off everything off the long list of resolutions we made. It was sure a lot of fun! So well, to complement last year’s list, here’s another list of New Year resolutions that we MUST take for the next year. I promise, it will be just as fun. Coz we are cool like that! Here’s everything we need to do… Are you ready?

1. We’ve got to pick a date night AND stick to it!

Yes, we’ve not been going out a lot this past year, thanks to all the work and added responsibilities. But let’s make it a point to pick a night for ‘us’ and try our level best to stick to it. It’ll also remind us of our courtship days, and I’m dying to relive those moments with you. Resolution no. 1, sorted!

1 new year resolutions

We could get this pin board for our room from Amazon for Rs 597. On this, we can put up pictures from all our date nights! They will be such a nice memory to cherish at the end of the year!

2. Let’s compliment each other's work more often, yeah?

We already compliment each other quite often, but let’s make a pact to praise each other’s work too! I’ll pay more attention to your presentations and you tell me when I kick ass at work. This is one cool resolution that will also motivate us to become better than we are.

3. We have to be the ‘It’ couple on the block!

Our couple resolutions are incomplete without this one… We’ve got to be THE couple, I’m telling ya! We shouldn’t be able to keep our hands off each other, we have to make each other feel more desired and keep the spark alive. So basically, desire one another even when I am in my PJ’s and you are in one of your loose sports tees! Another cool resolution, on point!

4. Let’s try new things in bed more often (not that we need a resolution for that)!

Yeah, it’s really not like we need to be bound by a resolution to try new sexy stuff, but hey, it doesn’t hurt to put it down clearly in the beginning of the year itself! Let’s just let go of some of our inhibitions and have some fun, quite literally!

4 new year resolutions

Here’s a book we can read for all those kinky sex ideas. It’s available on Amazon for Rs 917.

5. We’ll try and surprise each other more often!

Even though we have this weird telepathic connection where we usually get to know what the other person is up to, we still need to try and do more of those ‘surprise, surprise’ things! Even if it’s tiny things like getting me a chocolate while coming back from work (it’s just an idea!) It’ll be so much fun!!! This is my favourite resolution, btw!

6. We’ll do something together that neither of us has done before...

Let’s finally take that trip you’ve always wanted to take… I’m totally up for it. Resolution or no resolution, we are doing some really interesting stuff this year!

7. We’ll make up after every fight and not sleep with an unsolved fight, EVER!

This should have been our first point in this list of resolutions, but oh well! We cannot sleep with an unsolved fight looming over us. Neither of us gets any rest and it just sucks. So please, we’ll solve arguments before we hit the bed. Deal? Say yes to this resolution now, or our first fight of 2018 is in order.

7 new year resolutions

8. Enjoy some alone time with each other, even when everybody is at home!

Yep, sweetie! After we’re done spending some time with the fam, let’s sneak out and cuddle in bed? Or, we could also slip into the stairway or kitchen. Thrillin’ right? We don't really need a resolution for this, but still, you know. Better safe than sorry! *wink*

Let’s buy these beautiful wine glasses for when we’re alone at home and we want to ‘Netflix and chill’. They’re available on Amazon for Rs 799.

9. We’ll break a bad habit together!

No beer on a daily basis! It’s just giving both of us a beer belly, and that’s so not done. In fact, we should join the gym together. SOON!

That’s just a little heads up on what our New Year resolutions should be! I’ll keep adding to this list as and when I come across something as exciting!

Published on Jan 1, 2018
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