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10 Tweets About *Adulthood* That’ll Make You Go ‘SO TRUE!’

10 Tweets About *Adulthood* That’ll Make You Go ‘SO TRUE!’

We know you were looking forward to it, but growing up isn't all that it's cracked up to be. It's either heartbreaking or pocket-emptying most of the time. Here are some hilarious tweets about adulthood that will make you not want to grow up if you still have time and cry 'So true!' if you've already joined the 'Adult' gang.

1. It's a tragic moment when you realize that you only thought you knew how to eat well!

1 tweets about adulthood Source: JohnPugh on Twitter

2. Adulthood is nothing but a play of words, ladies! *Wink*

2 tweets about adulthood Source: Pinupteacher on Twitter

3. Stress. Stress is everywhere you go and you have to pretend that it's not getting to you. True story!

3 tweets about adulthood Source: Megsssbusch on Twitter

4. Some people can really see the future, can't they?!

4 tweets about adulthood Source: Eedrk on Twitter

5. What do I want to become when I grow up? Oh, hold on! I'm already an ADULT!

5 tweets about adulthood Source: AlexandriaMorgz on Twitter Also read: 25 Passionate Quotes About Intimacy That’ll Make Your Toes Curl

6. Who knew everything actually costs money?! And a lot of it too!

6 tweets about adulthood Source: JamesPianka on Twitter

7. College finals coming up? That means you've still got time!!

7 tweets about adulthood Source: Mrsjohngoodman on Twitter

8. Now I get why my parents were saying this all the time…

8 tweets about adulthood Source: Tastefactory on Twitter

9. Ice cream: Extra calories but also a mood uplifter… Decisions, decisions!

9 tweets about adulthood Source: LizHackett on Twitter Also read: 13 Tweets That Are So Much Hotter Than ‘Fifty Shades’!

10. Liar liar pants on fire… Welcome to adulthood - you'll love it! (Note the sarcasm.)

10 tweets about adulthood Source: Jwoodham on Twitter Wow! We know adulting is hard, but these tweets made it a little funnier, right?
Published on Oct 29, 2016
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