7 Fresh New Ideas To Make Your Wedding Night With Hubby Super Special!

Manasvi JaitlyManasvi Jaitly  |  Apr 23, 2019
7 Fresh New Ideas To Make Your Wedding Night With Hubby Super Special!


The wedding night or the first night as we like to call it, has a certain charm to it. The excitement is understandable in an arranged marriage, but it’s equally special for a couple who has been together for long. The ceremonies and the various emotions that you’ve felt all through the day, and the fact that you’re both now officially husband and wife makes it a night to remember. Obviously then, you both want to make sure that it truly is unforgettable. So while I’m sure your to-be hubby is already planning stuff, here are 7 things you can do on your end.

1. Let him undress you


I know you’re dying to get out of that heavy bridal outfit but hold on, why not let your hubby do the honours?! He’s probably undressed you before and will do so a million times here on, but never out of your bridal lehenga. It’ll be the perfect build-up to sex considering how long it’ll take him to get you out of that. And when he finally sees you in your carefully chosen lingerie set, that’ll drive him mad!

2. Candles always set the mood right

There’s a reason why almost every sensual scene on-screen has candles burning in the backdrop. Dim the room lights and for the most flattering light, use candles. Pick a rose scented candle for the wedding night. I totally love the ‘Smells Like The First Kiss’ candle from POPxo Shop. It just adds magic to the air in my room and my husband finds that irresistible, every.single.time!

3. Draw up a bath


You’ve had a hectic day and no matter how much you were both looking forward to this night, the exhaustion of the day can lead to a hurried sex session. To avoid that, surprise him by drawing up a bubble bath in the bathtub. Add rose petals, light some candles and keep a bottle of wine by your side. It’s the most romantic, most relaxing and of course, most arousing thing ever!

4. Make sure there is music

Do not forget to ask your bestie to keep a pen drive of romantic songs in your overnight bridal bag. Whether you’re spending the night at home or in a hotel room, good music serves as an aphrodisiac. Certain studies have ranked the Dirty Dancing soundtrack as the best bet for getting into the mood, so make sure that’s right on the top of your playlist!

5. Gift him something naughty!


Do something unexpected – gift him something naughty! If your hubby is the shy kinds and you need to take the lead, a sexy gift is the easiest way to set the mood right. A pair of handcuffs or maybe something as simple as this phone cover that has ‘Charam Sukh‘ written across it. What say? 😉 

6. Read an erotic novel together

Now I know this sounds time-consuming, but trust me, it’s super arousing. And if you haven’t tried it before, then your wedding night is the night to give it a shot. Pick out one of your favourite love-making scenes from a novel, something like 50 Shades of Grey! Or if you fancy, you could even pen down your fantasy in our ‘Sweet & Saucy‘ notebook and read it out to your husband. 

7. Food is an aphrodisiac


Combine your love for good food and good sex by bringing in chocolates and wine to the mix. Chocolate contains caffeine and feel-good chemicals to help boost your libido. And we’ve all heard (and seen!) how whipped cream can help make things super interesting between the sheets!

So you ready for some mindblowing sex, miss bride-to-be?

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