Packing For Your Wedding Night: 13 Things You MUST Include!

Packing For Your Wedding Night: 13 Things You MUST Include!
It is essential to pack all your basic items in your “bride to wife” bag. This is the bag you would open once you are married and thus you need to pack all your essentials in one place. Whether you are spending your first night at a hotel or at your new home, having an overnight bag would save you from opening your multiple suitcases and looking for your things. Here is a list of things you must keep in your overnight bag on your wedding night.

1. Makeup remover

You need a really good makeup remover to get rid of all the makeup that you were wearing for your wedding. Spend 5 minutes removing your makeup and washing your face. After all, sleeping with makeup on is the worst thing you could do for your skin!

1 wedding night bag

2. Garment bag

You don’t want your dream wedding lehenga to be just lying around, right? Make sure you carry a big garment bag to pack your lehenga in.

3. Jewellery case

To make sure all your jewellery is in one place, carry a jewellery case for you to put everything safely. You could also carry another jewellery bag to carry the jewellery you would be wearing the next morning. Having such small cases in your overnight bag will help you organize your things and have everything kept safely too.

3 wedding night bag

4. Phone charger

You obviously don’t want your phone battery to die! Our phones are our lifeline! ;-)

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5. Your wallet

Always have your ID and some cash in your wallet. Even though you might not need it, it is always a good idea to have these things on you, in case of an emergency.

5 wedding night bag

6. Change for the next day

Decide in advance what you will be wearing on your first morning as a newlywed. Keep your change and lingerie ready with you. Remember to put in your change of footwear too; you obviously don’t want to wear your wedding heels again, right?

7. Sleepwear

It could be something sexy or something comfortable - but don’t forget to carry your night suit.

7 wedding night bag

8. Medicine box

You might be on a daily medication or after the long and tiring day you’ve had, you might need some medicine for a headache or body ache. Make sure you keep some basic medicines handy with you.

9. Cosmetic kit

Make a pouch of your daily face cream, makeup essentials, lipstick, kajal and everything else that you need to get ready the next day! Also keep a hydrating face spray which will be soothing after you get rid off all that makeup.

9 wedding night bag

10. Perfume

In all the rush, it is common for the perfume to be forgotten. So don’t forget to have this essential with you.

11. Pocket mirror

Just in case you need to check yourself one last time before getting off the car!

11 wedding night bag

12. Nail polish

Remember to carry the nail polish of the colour you are wearing and a transparent coat. You don’t want chipped nail polish after all!

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13. Your newlywed GLOW

Don’t forget to carry your smile and your newlywed glow!

13 wedding night bag

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